W.O. Cl. 1.  C. Blair.  M.B.E.  R.A.S.C.

WW2 and Malaya Campaign Medals.

Long Service Good Conduct Medal

Order of the British Empire - Member - 2nd type.
              Military. (M.B.E.)
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Group of seven medals

Order of the British Empire - Member - 2nd type.  Military.  (M.B.E.)

 1939-45 and Burma Stars. Defence and War Medals.

General Service Medal  1 Bar Malaya.  Eliz. 11.  2nd type. 
W.O. Cl. 1.  C. Blair  M.B.E.  R.A.S.C.

Long Service Good Conduct Medal. “Regular Army”  Eliz. 11.  1st type. 
W.O. Cl. 1.  C. Blair  M.B.E.  R.A.S.C.

 M.B.E.  -  L/G 7-6-1951  -  “Warrant Officer Blair has been employed in A.G.8. Since 1 April 1946, and has given outstanding service throughout this period.  During the last year in particular he has been subjected to quite abnormal conditions, all of which he has overcome in the most exemplary manner.  Owing to reductions in staff, the clerical work of the branch has frequently been at breaking point, but on each occasion by his own personal example, initiative, and untiring work, W.O. Blair has averted a crisis. He has been fighting personal ill-health or illness in his family throughout this period, and has been uncomplaining and cheerful, and the requirements of the service have always been put before his own personal problems, acute though they have been.
 To weld into a happy and hardworking team a mixed staff of military and civil servants, many of whom are over 60, is a remarkable achievement, which reflects the greatest credit on such a young warrant officer.   W.O. Blair was most highly recommended for the award of a M.B.E. in the New Year’s Honours List 1950, in view of his outstanding service over many years, the extremely difficult circumstances under which he fulfilled his task as chief clerk, A.G.8., up to August 1949, and the success with which he had welded into a happy and hardworking team the mixed staff of military and civilian clerks comprising the establishment of A.G.8.”  Mounted as worn. (NEF) £650

Group of Seven

W.O. Cl. 1. C. Blair
                M.B.E. R.A.S.C.

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