Lloyds Medal for Bravery at Sea and British Empire Medal

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Group of Two

Lloyds Medal for Bravery at Sea.

Able Seaman R.H. Percival.  S.S. “Goodwood”.  10th September  1939

British Empire Medal (B.E.M.)  Geo. V1.

Robert Hilton Percival (renamed)

  B.E.M.  -  L/G 10-6-1941  -  “When the ship was damaged by enemy action the Master was badly wounded. He ordered the one remaining life-boat to be lowered but the officers and some of the men lost valuable minutes in trying to help him instead of getting the boat into the water.  The Master therefore told them to leave him and ordered them all away to the boat.
   Able Seaman Percival however, resolutely refused to go and stood by.  All hands were now safely in the boat   except the Master and A/B Percival and, as the vessel was about to take her final plunge, Percival was ordered tojump overboard.  Instead of obeying this order he tried to carry the Master to the bulwark rail.  Four members of the crew stepped back on board and helped Percival.  They all dropped into the sea together just as the ship sank and were picked up by a life-boat.  Percival, by his selfless devotion, saved the Master’s life.”  SOLD

Lloyd's Bravery Medal and British Empire Medal

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Lloyds Medal for Bravery at Sea

Lloyds Bravery Medal 1939

Lloyds Bravery Medal

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British empire Medal

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