1952 Korea Military Cross group of medals. Royal Canadian Regiment

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1952 Korea Military Cross group medals. Royal Canadian Regiment

925. Group of Six. 

Military Cross  (M.C.)  Eliz. 11.  Dated 1953.
Queens Korea (Canadian issue)  H.R. Gardner. 
Canadian Volunteer Service Medal for Korea.  Un-named as issued.
Special Service Medal.  Bar NATO - OTAN.  Un-named as issued.
U.N. Korea.  H.R. Gardner.
Canadian Forces Decoration.  Eliz. 11  -  with two extra service bars.  Major H.R. Gardner.
M.C.  -  Lieut. H.R. Gardner.  The Royal Canadian Regt.  -  “at 03.30 hrs on the night of 23/24 Sept 1952 a patrol composed of Lt. Gardner, two corporals and three privates left a forward defended locality of the Royal Canadian Regt with orders to go to a known enemy area and to sieze a prisoner.  The patrol moved parallel to enemy-held positions, and at 06.00 hrs. reached a spot near the objective where a firm base of a corporal and two private soldiers was established.  Lt. Gardner with Cpl. Fowler and one private soldier advanced to the objective, an enemy bunker, which proved to be unoccupied.  Lt. Gardner, who was determined to take his prisoner, decided to make a further advance to an enemy communication trench.  This entailed a move across one hundred and fifty yards of open ground dominated by enemy occupied hills.  Leaving the private soldier at the bunker to cover them, Lt. Gardner and Cpl. Fowler, walking slowly in order not to attract attention moved to the communication trench where they took cover.  They were now seventy-five yard from a group of enemy around a field kitchen. No sooner were they in position than an enemy soldier passed, but they took no action as he was out of reach.
Lt. Gardner then noticed in the trench a signal line which with Cpl. Fowler’s assistance he broke.  Within five minutes a Chinese soldier came running down towards the kitchen making a quick check of the wire.  After greeting his comrades at the kitchen he returned closely following the line until he reached the break at the hiding place of Lt. Gardner and the Corporal.  This officer struck the Chinese soldier, and with the N.C.O’s assistance, pinned him to the ground.  There was a fierce struggle during which the Chinese continued to cry out loudly.  By the time he had been overpowered and got to his feet, his comrades from the field kitchen were within thirty yard and had opened fire.  They were halted and sent to ground by fire from Lt. Gardner’s weapon as Cpl. Fowler got the prisoner moving towards our lines.  By this time the fire of automatic weapons from the surrounding hills had been added to that of the pursuing Chinese, but, by skillful use of ground, Lt. Gardner was able to guide Cpl. Fowler safely to the firm base party and thence to our lines.  As they neared our lines he thought the firm base party were in difficulties and returned to help them.  Fortunately they were not in trouble. This officer’s daring and skillful leadership, superb coolness in the face of the enemy and utter disregard of his personal safety enabled a bold plan to be carried out with complete success and without casualties.  This courageous officer’s determination to carry out his orders in spite of difficulty and danger is an example to all members of his regiment.”
   Lt. Gardner was twice wounded in Korea  - first during a Chinese assault on Hills 163 on the night of 25/26 March 1952 and again during the epic Battle of Kowang-San on 22-24 October 1952.  He served in Korea from 10-4-1952 to 30-3-1953.  Born 19-7-1927.  Died 26-1-2013.

Sold with original commissioning certificate dated 1st October 1950

Medals mounted for display. (NEF)  £10,950

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