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Commissioner for Malaya

Wilfred Arthur Ward. C.M.G., M.C.

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Group of Six

  Military Cross (M.C.) Geo. V.

  1914-15 Star.
 Pte. W.A. Ward. 15-London R. (Civil Service Rifles)

  British War Medal and Victory Medal.
Capt. W.A. Ward. 

Coronation Medal 1953

  Efficiency Medal -
Top bar “Malaya” Geo. V1. - with two extra service bars.
Sgt. W.A. Ward. M.C. F.M.S.V.F.

   Military Cross - L/G 1-1-1919 - Lt. (A/Capt) Wilfred Arthur Ward. Lan. Fus., Spec. Res., & 60th Bn. M.G.C.

 Recipient was born in 1892 and entered the Colonial Service in 1920. He was appointed District Officer Port  Dickson in 1925 and Under-secretary, Singapore in 1940. He was interned by the Japanese from 1942 to 1945, and in 1946 was appointed Resident Commissioner, Selangor, Federation of Malaya. In 1948 he was appointed Commissioner for Malaya in the United Kingdom - a post he held until his retirement in 1953

   Sold with the medals are original letters of appreciation etc., sent to recipient around the time of his retirement, two from the Rt. Hon. Malcolm MacDonald, Commissioner General for the U.K. in South-East Asia, two from Field Marshall Sir Gerald Templer, High Commissioner for the Federation of Malaya, and one from Sir John Nicoll, Governor and C. in C. Singapore. Also included is recipient’s internment (P.O.W.) number badge, and his  medal ribbon bar, and four original photographs - one of which is of him in his Resident Commissioners uniform  and wearing his medals. His son was a member of the Everest party that scaled the mountain for the first time  in 1953.. Also entitled to the C.M.G. (Awarded 1948).

Mounted as worn. (NEF)  £4925

Commissioner for Malaya

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