Military Cross awarded for Turkish Independenace

Captain J.D. Standen. Jat Regiment

WW1 and Waziristan 1921-24 Medals

Military Cross
              WW1 & I.G.S. medal group. Captain Standen. Jats
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Group of Five

  Military Cross (M.C.) Geo. V.

  1914-15 Trio (M.I.D.)
Capt. J.D. Standen 1/10/Jats.

Indian General Service Medal
1 Bar Waziristan 1921-24.
Capt. J.D. Standen 2-9 Jat R.

Captain. James Douglas Standen. M.C.
Recipient was shot dead on 22-12-1923 at Jandola, Waziristan by a Sepoy who ran amok.
He was aged 35 and was educated at Elizabeth College, Guernsey. He saw service during the W.W.1. In the Tochi on the N.W. Frontier of India, in Mesopotamia, at Salonika, on the Black Sea, and in Asia Minor.
He was awarded the M.C. on 31-10-1920 during the Turkish War of Independence and was twice mentioned in despatches - 9-3-1919 and 31-10-1920.

Sold with two original M.I.D. certificates, newspaper cuttings referring to his death and copy head and shoulders photographs.
    (NEF)  3225

Military Cross WW1 & I.G.S.
                medal group. Captain Standen. Jats

Military Cross

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