Military Medal (M.M.) Geo. V1 - Thailand

Havildar. Peo Gul. Punjab Regiment.

Prisoner of war (P.O.W.)

1939-45 and Pacific Stars. War Medal 1939-45.

Military Medal.
              Thailand Punjab Regiment
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Group of Four

  Military Medal (M.M.) Geo. V1
Hvldr. Peo Gul. Punjab R.

  1939-45 and Pacific Stars. War Medal 1939-45.

L/G 19-12-1946 - “On 12 Dec 1941 when 5/14 Punjab R. was fighting in Thailand, Hav. Peo Gul and his platoon were detailed for road block duty in the front line on the 15 km mark on the Krok-Opattini Road. The Japanese forces attacked this position at night in large numbers, but largely due to Hav. Peo Gul’s example and courage, were forced to withdraw. He continued to lead patrols throughout the night. This same N.C.O. also distinguished himself on the night of 3 Jan 1942 when his unit was in an ambush position South of Kampar. He was employed as Pl. Cdr. in forward area covering a road block. At 0200 hrs the enemy attacked in tanks followed by motorized infantry. Hav. Peo Gul held his fire till the enemy were compelled to halt due to the road  block,  then opened up concentrated fire on the vehicles. He also co-ordinated the fire of an A/T Gun Sec., attached to the unit.  This N.C.O’s conduct throughout the whole of a difficult campaign, when neither ordinary battle reliefs or  sufficient weapons or air support were obtainable was first class. A fine leader in the field, & gallant in action”.
Recipient was taken P.O.W. and survived the ordeal. The original recommendation was for the Indian Order of Merit. Mounted for display. (NEF)  £3775

Military Medal. Thailand Punjab

Military Medal. Thailand Punjab

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