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Order of the Crown of Roumania

Royal Army Chaplains


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Group of Three

B.W.M. and Victory Medal. Rev. C.G. Cavalier.

Order of the Crown of Roumania - Chevalier.

L/G 20-9-1919 - “The Revd. C.G. Cavalier. Temporary Chaplain to the Forces, 4th class. Royal Army Chaplains “Dept”.
Recipient was ordained Deacon in 1909 and Priest 1910, serving in Southwark. He was Curate of St. Matthews, Redhill 1909-1913 and Asst. Master, St. John’s School Leatherhead 1913-1915. T.C.F. 1916-1919 and Curate of All SS Fulham 1919-1922. Vicar of St. Simon Zelotes Bethnal Green 1922-1927, and Rector of Brampton Ash with Dingley 1927-1947/ Mounted as worn. (NEF) £1150

Order of the Crown of Roumania
                  - Chevalier.

Order of the Crown of Roumania
                  - Chevalier.

British War Medal and Victory
                  Medal awarded to Rev. C.G. Cavalier

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