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Campaign Medals.

Photos can be requested.

11. 79th Foot.  Silver Regimental Medal.  Obverse - A shield, inscribed 79, and surrounded by a Military Trophy.
 Reverse - A dadiated star.  In the centre a sphinx.  Below, “Egypt”, “Waterloo” and “Peninsular”, surrounded by
 a scroll inscribed “Egmont-Op-Zee, Fuentes D’Onor, Salamance, Pyrennees, Nivelle, Nive, Toulouse”.
 The medal was instituted in 1819 and given in silver for twelve years Good Conduct.  It was discontinued in 1838. 
(79th (Cameronian Highlanders) Regiment of Foot 1804–1866) (NEF)  £750 PHOTOS

12. St. Jean D’Acre Medal  -  Silver.  Double ring suspender.   (NEF)  £385 PHOTOS

29. Turkish Crimea Medal. Sardinian issue.  W. Hudson.  1st Bn. Fusiliers. (VF)  £120

32. Indian Mutiny.  No Bar.  Cpl. Robt. Phillips.  H.Ms. 70th Regt. (NEF)  £295 PHOTOS

34. Indian Mutiny.  1 Bar Delhi.  Sepoy Mohun Sing.  Kumaon Battn. (VF)  £595 PHOTOS

50. I.G.S.  1854  1 Bar North West Frontier.  Sepoy Cheyloo.  1st Punjab Infy. (VF)  £215 PHOTOS

63. I.G.S.  1854  1 Bar Burma 1887-89.  Sgt. A. Higgins.  2nd Bn. R. Scots Fus. (GVF)  £200 PHOTOS

71. I.G.S.  1854  1 Bar Hazara 1891.  Bronze.  Dooly Bearer Bodhai.  Comst. Transport Dept. (GVF)  £185 PHOTOS

74. I.G.S.  1854  2 Bars Chin Hills 1892-93/Burma 1887-89.  Sepoy Rallan Singh.  Aje-U-Mil. Police Bn. (NEF) £515 PHOTOS

84. Ashantee Medal. 1873-74.  1 Bar Coomassie.  Pte. D. Cairns.  42nd Highlanders.
 Sold with military career details.  Enlisted in the 93rd Highlanders in 1871, aged 17 years and transferred to
 the 42nd Highlanders on 30-5-1872  -  One of forty men to do so.  (NEF)  £495 PHOTOS

87. Afghanistan 1878-80. No Bar.  Pol. Local Lt.  W.E.C. Paget.  Trans. Dep. (VF)  £335

105. Kabul to Kandahar Star.  Havildar Jodha.  2nd Sikh Infy.  Naming rubbed, but readable.  (GVF)  £265 PHOTOS
Photos can be requested.

107. Egypt  -  1882.  1 Bar Suakin 1885.  Surgeon E.R. Power  A.M. Dept.  Bar loose on ribbon  very slight pitting. (NEF) £385

144. I.G.S.  1895.  1 Bar Punjab Fr.  Sepoy Bustu Singh.  35/Sikhs. (VF)  £125

145. I.G.S.  1895.  1 Bar Punjab Fr.  Sepoy Biland.  1st Punjab Infy.  (NEF)  £135

146. I.G.S.  1895.  1 Bar Punjab Fr.  Gnr. Jawan Singh.  No. 8 Bl. Mtn. Bty.  (GVF)  £130

160. Khedives Sudan. 1 Bar Katfia.  Un-named as issued. (NEF)  £200 PHOTOS

171. Q.S.A.   5 Bars CC/OFS/TVL/SA’01/SA’02.  Pte. F. Moseley.  7th Hussars.   (EF)  £165 PHOTOS

174. Q.S.A.   4 Bars CC/TVL/SA’01/SA’02.  Cpl. A. Venn.  51st Coy.  Imp. Yeo. (Paget’s)
Recipient was K.I.A. at Trenanfontein on 21-1-1902. (EF)  £485 PHOTOS

181. Q.S.A.   3 Bars CC/L.Nek/Belfast.  Pte. W. Smith.  Liverpool R.  Recipient was wounded in action at Helvetia on
 29-12-1900 when four weak companies of the Kings Regt., under the command of Major S.L. Cotton, and
 detachments of the 19th Hussars and 6th Coy W.D.  R.G.A., suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of Boer troops
 commanded by Gen. Ben Viljoen. (NEF)  £375 PHOTOS

182. Q.S.A.   3 Bars.  Cpl. M. Hookaway.  Uitenhage V.R. (NEF)  £150

216. A.G.S.  1 Bar Somaliland 1908-10.  Pte. Himat Khan.  127/Baluch. L.I. (NEF) £175

228. Tibet 1903-4.   No Bar.  Silver.  Sepoy Dartap Singh.  32nd Sikh Pioneers.  Minor edge knocks. (GVF) £295

237. Messina Earthquake Medal.  28th December 1908.  Un-named as issued.  (NEF) £150 PHOTOS

243. 1914 Star. Pte. H. Beech.  2/R. Scots.  Recipient was K.I.A., on 28-1-1915 and is commemorated on the
 Pyres (Menin Gate) Memorial.  Born and enlisted in Wolverhampton.  (NEF) £135

245. 1914 Star. Pte. J. Capstick.  R. Lanc. R.  (Kings Own)  Recipient was K.I.A., on 5-4-1916 with the 6th Bn.,
 in Mesopotamia and is commemorated on the Basra Memorial. (NEF) £135

254. 1914-15 Star. Sepoy Jodha.  1/Bn. Guides Indy. (VF) £25

287. Victory.  Sepoy Slawal Khan.  2-Guides Infy. (VF) £13

288. Victory.  Sgt. .J.A. Tippins.  R.F.C. (NEF) £43

307. I.G.S. 1 Bar NWF 1908.  Sowar Sahfras Khan.  37th Lancers. (NEF) £125

313. I.G.S. 1 Bar Afghan NWF 1919.  A/Cpl. A.C. White.  R.W. Kent R. (EF) £96 PHOTOS

314. I.G.S. 1 Bar Afghan NWF 1919.  Pte. J.E. Linehan.  1-York R.  Official correction to rank.  (NEF) £85  PHOTOS

323. I.G.S. 1 Bar Mohmand 1933.  Gnr. C. Winmill  R.A.
Recipient was K.I.A., aged 33, serving with 1/H.A.A. Regt. R.A., on 25-10-1943, and is buried in Catania War Cemetery, Sicily. (EF) £350

326. I.G.S. 3 Bars Afghan NWF 1919/Mahsud 1919-20/Waziristan 1919-21.  Pte. R. Plumb.  R.A.S.C.
(Official correction to the “S” if “A.S.C.”) (NEF) £205

330. N.G.S.   1 Bar Palestine 1936-1939.  Schlmr. G.N. Pask.  R.N.  (Schoolmaster) (NEF) £300 PHOTOS

335. G.S.M.   1 Bar Iraq.  Rfmn. Man Sing Chaudri.  1-39 R. Garhwal R.  (VF) £85

344. G.S.M.   1 Bar Palestine.  Gnr. J.D. Carlisle.  R.A.   (GVF) £80

372. G.S.M.   1 Bar Malaya.  Geo. V1.  Un-named (not erased) (GVF) £100

373. G.S.M.   1 Bar Malaya.  Eliz. 11.  S.A.C.  P. Moseley  R.A.F.  Mounted for wear. (EF) £60

392. G.S.M.   1 Bar Near East.  Pte. S. Wood.  R. Scots. (NEF) £135

398. G.S.M.   1 Bar Arabian Peninsular.  Cpl. C. Fleetwood.  R.A.O.C. In box of issue. (EF) £120

399. G.S.M.   1 Bar Brunei.  P/C Abot Bin Bojeng.  Sarawak Police.  (EF) £195

401. G.S.M.   1 Bar Canal Zone.  A.C.I.  A.T. Bishop.  R.A.F. (impressed)   In box of issue.  (EF) £300

411. I.G.S. 1936-39.  1 Bar NWF 1936-37.  Spr. Bachan Singh.  Bengal S. & M. (VF) £42

412. I.G.S. 1936-39.  1 Bar NWF 1937-39.  Pte. K. Asker.  Suffolk R.   (VF) £100

425. Africa Service Medal 1939-45.  S. Hendricks.  (NEF) £30

438. C.S.M.   1 Bar N. Ireland.  L/Cpl. J.S. Lees.  R.C.T.  (EF) £72

439. C.S.M.   1 Bar N. Ireland.  K.D. Whitehouse.  O.E.M.I.  R.N.   (NEF) £90

440. C.S.M.   1 Bar N. Ireland.  L/Cpl. J. Davis.  W.R.A.C.  (NEF) £180

467. Multinational Force and Observers Medal  -  Military ribbon. (EF) £30

481. Iraq Medal   (Op Telic) - Bar “19 Mar to 28 Apr. 2003”  Pte. D.L. Kilner  D.W.R. (NEF) £295

483. Iraq Medal   (Op Telic)  No Bar.  Pte. A.R. Evans  P.W.R.R.   In box of issue.  (EF) £185 PHOTOS

485. Operational Service Medal.  No Bar.  Afghanistan ribbon.  Pte. S.C. Short.  Scots.  Mounted as worn. (NEF) £340 PHOTOS

486. Operational Service Medal.  1 Bar Afghanistan.  Cpl. M.W. Stratford.  R.E.M.E..  In box of issue.  (EF) £350

  Photos can be requested.

Orders & Decorations

Photos can be requested

491. Royal Victorian Order  (C.V.O.) Neck badge.  No. C420.  In fitted Collingwood case of issue. (EF) £650

493. C.B.E. 2nd type - Civil  -  Ladies issue.  In fitted Garrard’s case of issue. (EF) £385

494. O.B.E. 2nd type - Military.  In case of issue. (EF) £115

498. Knight Batchelor’s Badge.  Smaller type (1933)  In fitted case of issue. (EF) £550

499. Indian Order of Merit (I.O.M.)  2nd class.  Reward of Gallantry. (1939-44)  Some enamel damage and lacking
 wearing buckle. (VF) £765 PHOTOS

504. Military Cross.  (M.C.)  Geo. V1.  Dated 1944. (EF) £750

Photos can be requested.

509. Distinguished Conduct Medal  (D.C.M.)  Geo. V.  B.S. Mjr.  G. Porter  R.F.A.
L/G 26-9-1916  -  “For conspicuous gallantry during operations.  When a gun was hit and some men wounded,
he tended the men under heavy fire, and quickly got the gun into action again.  On another occasion he showed
great courage in assisting to dig out men who had been buried by shell fire”.
This medal is a late issue or replacement, and is officially named. (EF) £450

Military Medal (M.M.)  Geo. V.  Spr. F.W. Brooks  R.E.  T.F. 
Memorial Plaque - Frederick William Brookes.
Memorial Scroll.
Recipient D.O.W., aged 20, serving with 5th Div. Signal Coy, and is commemorated on the Ploegsteert Memorial.
Sold with two repro photographs and M.I.C. and forwarding letter for the BWM and Victory Medal. Resided in Burslem, Staffs. (NEF) £645

530. Military Medal  (M.M.)  Geo. V.  Pte. J.C. Clifford.  13/Middlesex R. (NEF) £375

532. Military Medal  (M.M.)  Geo. V.  Sgt. H. Savage.  19/Middlesex R.   (NEF) £375

544. Military Medal  (M.M.)  Geo. V1.  A/Sgt. J. McFadden.  R.S. Fus.
 L/G 24-1-1946.  -  “Sgt. McFadden has served with this Battalion since it landed in France on 15-6-1944.
 As a fusilier in a rifle section, he took over his section on more than one occasion when the section commander became a casualty.  By his example, initiative and drive he always carried out any task allotted to the section.
 As a N.C.O. he has shown the finest powers of leadership and the greatest devotion to duty.  Never did he allow any consideration for his own personal safety to interfere with his duty.
 Two examples are but typical of his high standard  -
 On 16-9-1944 during the heavy fighting in the Gheel Bridgehead an officer was making his way back from an isolated position held by the company.  AT that moment a counter-attack developed.  The officer was forced to ground by a sudden burst of automatic fire and he was quite unable to move.  Sgt. McFadden saw the incident and quickly ordered all weapons of his section to engage the area from which the fire was coming.  Under cover of this fire he rushed out to where the officer was lying and told him of his plan to get back.  Then he indicated that more fire was required, and under cover of this he and the officer got back.
 Again, in the attack on Blerick on 3-12-1944 Sgt. McFadden, who was a section commander, had to take over his platoon just prior to crossing the start line owing to the platoon commander being wounded.  The Kangeroo in which his platoon was travelling became bogged before reaching the objective.  Without hesitation he dismounted his platoon and led them to the objective which was under considerable enemy defensive fire.  His leadership was such that he reached the objective without losing a single man. Throughout the campaign his services have been worthy of the highest commendation”.  Minor edge knocks.  (GVF) £1695

Photos can be requested.

550. Kings Police Medal.  Geo. V.  Coinage Head.  Thomas Austin.  Insp. Burma Police.
 L/G 1-1-1913  -  “Conspicuous gallantry in arresting a criminal.  Inspector Austin distinguished himself in the arrest of an armed and dangerous criminal in Rangoon on the 18th January 1912.  An absconding offender was traced by the police to a house in East Rangoon.  It was known that the prisoner was armed, and he was believed to be prepared to go to any length in resisting capture.  The house was surrounded by the police, whereupon the man fired a number of revolver shots.  Inspector Austin nevertheless boldly entered the house, rushed into the inner room where the absconder was concealed, and grappled with him, and succeeded in taking forcibly from his hand a loaded revolver”. (NEF) £895

560. British Empire Medal.  (B.E.M.)  Civil  -  Geo. V1.  Robert Lindores.
  L/G 10-6-1944  -  “Assistant Head Messenger, Regional Director’s Office, General Post Office, Edinburgh.  (NEF) £180

573. Royal Humane Society.  Large type bronze medal - successful.  Edward Jeffery.  29 June 1855. (GVF) £335

584. Order of St. John - Officer.  Ladies issue, on bow.  In case of issue.   (NEF) £73

Meritorious Service & Long Service Medals

Photos can be requested

591. Meritorious Service Medal . (M.S.M.)  Victoria.  Qr. Mr. Sgt. F. Hewison.  Rifle Brigade.  1st Btn. Contact marks.  (NVF) £375

594. Meritorious Service Medal (M.S.M.)  Geo. V.  1st type.  Pte.-A/Cpl. C.R. Brown.  R.A.M.C.  L/G 3-6-1919 (France and Flanders) (NEF) £195

Photos can be requested.

595. Meritorious Service Medal  (M.S.M.)  Geo. V1.  2nd type.  Sgt. H.A. Barrell.  Coldstream Gds.   (EF) £300

609. Army L.S.G.C.   Victoria. -  Large letter reverse.  Daniel Maskell.  76th Regiment Foot 1841  Clip & ring suspender
 (GVF) £325

611. Army L.S.G.C.   Victoria  -  Cr. Sgt. W. Barrell.  Coldstream Gds. (NEF) £210

612. Army L.S.G.C.   Victoria  -  Sgt. W. Glynn.  Connought Rangers.  Sold with copy papers.  (NEF) £185

641. Army L.S.G.C.   Eliz. 11.  2nd type “Regular Army”.  Sgt. B.A. Brandon.  W.R.A.C.  Mounted for wear. (NEF) £115

642. Army L.S.G.C.   Eliz. 11  2nd type “Regular Army”.  L/Cpl. D.L. Risi.  R. Signals. (NEF) £75

643. Army L.S.G.C.   Eliz. 11.  2nd type “Regular Army” S/Sgt. J. Clark  R.E. (EF) £75

648. Volunteer Decoration. Complete with top pin bar.  Hallmark 1892. (NEF) £140

662. Volunteer Force Long Service.   Geo. V.  L/Sgt. H. Parsons.  2-N.W. Rly. R.  A.F.I.   (NEF) £90

719. Efficiency Medal “Territorial”  Geo. V1.  1st type.  Bdr. T. Rowntree.  R.A. (NEF) £47

738. R.N.V.R.  LSGC. Geo. V1.  1st type.  Sup/P/O.  G.H. Horn.  S.A.N.F. (V).  (South African Naval Force)   (NEF) £150

740. R.N.R. Decoration. Eliz. 11.  Dated 1991.  In Royal Mint case of issue.  (EF) £240 PHOTOS

742. R.N.R.  LSGC Edw. V11.  J. Avis.  Sean I. Cl.  R.N.R. (GVF) £70

743. R.N.R.  LSGC Edward V11.  J. Goldring.  Sean 1. Cl.  R.N.R. (NEF) £70

780. Ceylon Police L.S.G.C.  1950 issue.  Eliz. 11.  Const. D.P.A. Weerasurya.  Ceylon Police.   (NEF) £415

781. Civil Defence Long Service.  In fitted Royal Mint case of issue.  (NEF) £38

782. Canadian Forces Decoration.  (C.D.)  Eliz. 11.  Sgt. R. Guyea. (NEF) £40 PHOTO 1   PHOTO 2

786. Corps of Commissionaires Long Service Medal.  Blackened metal.  Un-named as issued.   (NEF) £45 PHOTOS

787. Salvation Army Long and Faithful Service.  Major Lucy Harrop 1916.  Wrong ribbon. (NEF) £150 PHOTOS

Military Temperance Medals

801. Army Temperance Assn.  -  India -  5 Year Medal.  Silver and enamel.  (ATAI.5) (NEF) £25

803. Royal Army Temperance Assn. -  6 Year Medal-India only  (RATA 6)  Shield with crossed bugle horns silver (NEF) £20
804. King George Coronation 1911 -  India only  (RATA.17) (NEF) £20
805. Army Temperance Assn. - India   -  3 Year Medal.  Silver  (ATAI.3)  The Beatty Star.   (NEF) £18
806. Soldiers Total Abstinence Assn.   -  1 Year Medal - India.  Silver  (STR.1.) (NEF) £14
807. Royal Army Temperance Assn. -  6 Month Medal - Bronze  (RATA.1.) (NEF) £15
808. Army Temperance Assn. - India   -  6 Month Medal - Silvered bronze.  (ATAI.1.)   (NEF) £12
809. Army Temperance Assn. - India   -  6 Month Medal - Bronze  (ATAI.1) (NEF) £12

Jubilee, Coronations, Visits etc.

798. Silver Jubilee 1977  -  Canadian issue. (NEF) £115

800. Diamond Jubilee 2012.  Un-named as issued. (EF) £60

Groups of Medals, Memorial Plaques & Pairs.

"Photos can be requested"

842.  Group of Three
  Distinguished Flying Medal  (D.F.M.)  Geo. V1.  F/Sgt. G.L. Donnelly.  R.A.F.
  1939-45 and Aircrew Europe (Bar - Atlantic) Stars.   Defence and War Medals.
  C.S.M.  1 Bar Radfan.  Flt. Lt. G.L. Donnelly.  R.A.F.
 D.F.M.  -  L/G 10-4-1942  -  WOP/AG No. 76 Sqn.  Hours flown on operations - 304.30 hrs.  -  40 sorties.
  “This N.C.O. has been flying on operations since the beginning of the war, and throughout the whole time in  this Squadron his keenness and energy have been a great influence on other members of air crews, and I  strongly recommend that his courage and devotion to duty should be recognised by the awarding of the Distinguished Flying Medal”.
 The A.O.C. No. 4 group wrote “An excellent record of courage and devotion to duty, strongly recommended for the award of the D.F.M”.
 Born 29-10-1920.  First commissioned 29-3-1945.  Flt. Lt.  7-6-1951.  Retired 18-12-1966.  General Duties Branch. Mounted as worn. (NEF)  £2750

849.  Group of Three
  Military Medal  (M.M.)  Geo. V.  Pte. F.H. Brittain.  7/Middlesex R.
  B.W.M. and Victory.  Pte. F.H. Brittain.  Middx. R.
 Sold with recipient’s brother’s medals  -  B.W.M. and Victory.  H.H. Brittain.  D.H.  M.F.A.  School attendance
  medal London 1896 - H. Brittain, and M.F.A. “Dog Tag”. (NEF)  £575

850.  Group of Three
  Military Medal  (..)  Geo. V.  Gnr. A. Bennett.  310/Sge. Bty.  R.G.A.
  B.W.M. and Victory.  Gnr.  A. Bennett.  R.A.
 M.M.  - L/G 16-8-1917.  Sold with M.I.C. which shows no entitlement to Star. (NEF)  £445

898. Group of Two
 Order of St. John - Officer.
 Order of St. John Service Medal - with extra service bar.  A/Asst. Commr.  F.F. Le Souet Simpson.  C. of Worcester
 No. 3 W. Dis.  S.J.A.B. 1925.  Mounted as worn.   (NEF) £110

899. Group of Five
 Order of St. John - Officer.
 Cadet Forces Medal.  Eliz. 11  2nd type - with two extra service bars.  A/Flt. Lt.  J.W.J. Brotherston.  R.A.F.V.R. (T)
  Mounted as worn with three unofficial medals  -  General Service Cross, National Service Medal, and the
 Voluntary Service Medal.  -  These named Flt. Lt. J.W.J. Brotherston  R.A.F.   (EF) £245

915. Group of Five
 Afghanistan 1878-80.  No Bar.  Sepoy Moozraie.  20th Regt. N.I.
 Egypt 1882.  No Bar.  Sepoy Moozraie.  20th Punjab Infy.
 I.G.S. 1854  1 Bar Waziristan 1894-5.  Havr. Mazrai.  20th Bl. Infy.
 I.G.S. 1895  1 Bar Punjab Fr.  Hav. Muzraie.  20 D.C.O.P.I.
 Khedives Star 1882. (GVF/NEF) £795 PHOTOS

916. Group of Three
 Afghanistan 1878-80.  No Bar.  Drummer Shaikh Soobhani.  13th Regt.  N.I.
 I.G.S. 1854.  1 Bar Sikkim 1888.  Bugler Shaikh Subhani.  13th Bl. Infy.
 I.G.S. 1895.  1 Bar Rel. of Chitral.  Drummer Shekh Subhani.  13th Bl. Infy.  (NEF) £555 PHOTOS

919. Group of Two Egypt 1882.  3 Bars Tel-El-Kebir/Suakin 1884/El-Teb-Tamaai.  Pte. J. Payne.  1/Gordon Highrs.
 Khedives Star 1882
 Recipient was K.I.A. at Tamaai on 13-3-1884.   Sold with copy of regimental pay lists.  Shallow pitting.  (VF) £1750

933. Group of Two
 Queens Sudan.  Pte. A. Jordon.  2/Lanc. Fus.
 Khedives Sudan.  1 Bar Khartoum.  Pte. A. Jordan.  2nd L.F. (NEF) £595

967. Group of Two
 A.G.S.  2 Bars Somaliland 1902-04/Jidballi.  Khalasi Mirza.  Corps Survey of India.
 B.W.M.  131 Mirza.  Surveys.   (NEF) £350

968. Group of Two
 A.G.S.  1 Bar Samalilland 1908-10.  Pte. Ghulam Muhammad.  127 Baluch L.I.
 B.W.M.  Jemdr. Ghulam Mohd.  127 Baluchis.  ..
   Enlisted 1-6-1908.  Promoted Jemadar May 1918, and Subadar in June 1921, and last appears in the Indian
 Army list of 1929.  Served Somaliland 1908-10, in operations in East Africa and Egypt March 1915 to Jan 1919,
 and on the N.W. Frontier of India, Oct. 1919 to March 1921.  He was awarded the I.O.M. 2nd Class as Havaldar
 by G.G.O. No. 894 of 9-6-1917 for service in East Africa.  (VF) £325

901. Group of Three
 B.W.M. and Victory.  A/Sgt. A.J. Wilson  R.E.
 Russia - Silver Medal for Zeal.  (Verified  -  War Office - 16-7-1921) (NEF) £500

902. Group of Three
 B.W.M. and Victory.  Pte. J. Faulkner  A.S.C.
 Serbia  -  Silver Medal for Zealous Service.  (L/G 26-2-1920 - 706th Mechanical Transport Company R.A.S.C.)
   Sold with copy papers and M.I.C., and original bronze “A.S.C.” cap badge. (NEF) £365

903. Group of Four
 Defence Medal.
 Police Exemplary Service.  Eliz. 11  1st type.  Stn. Sgt. Reginald Morgan  (Metropolitan Police)
 R.S.P.C.A. Animal Life Saving Medal - Bronze.  P/Sgt. R. Morgan 1950  -  with top pin bar “For Humanity”.
 People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals  (P.D.S.A.) Cross.  Station Sergeant R. Morgan.  6-1-1950.
   Also included is the Bronze Service Cross of the St. John Ambulance Assn., named “A125489 Reginald Morgan”.
 All medals are in their original boxes/cases of issue. (EF) £575

979. Group of Four
 1914-15 Trio.  Sepoy Nadir Khan.  124 Baluchis.
 I.G.S.  1 Bar Afghan NWF 1919.  Naik Nadir Khan.  1-124 Infy. Mounted as worn.   (NEF) £285

986. Group of Three
 B.W.M. and Victory.  Capt. H.H. Bamford.
 Territorial Decoration  (T.D.)  Geo. V.  -  with top pin bar “Canada”.  Major (Pmr) H.H. Bamford.
   April 1917 Army list show recipient as Quarter Master, Hon. Capt.  128 Bn. Canadian Infy.  T.D. in case of issue   (NEF) £475

Photos can be requested.

987. Group of Three
 B.W.M.   A.  W.O. Cl.1.  E.J. Theobalds  C.A.D.C.
 Meritorious Service Medal (M.S.M.)  Geo. V 1st type.  Cpl-A.S. Mjr.  E.J. Theobalds  Canadian A.D.C. (L/G 12-12-1919)
 Colonial Auxy Forces Long Service.  Geo. V.  A/Sgt. E.J. Theobalds.  C.C.F.C.  (renamed)
 The medals have been lacquered. (GVF) £315

988. Group of Four
 1914 Star Trio.  Sgt. D. Dorward.  A.S.C.  (L/Cpl. on Star)
 Imperial Service Medal.  Geo. V1.  1st type.  David Darward. Mounted for wear.   (NEF) £135

1049. Group  of Two
 G.S.M.  2 Bars Iraq/N.W. Persia.  Gnr. T.E. Shubart  R.A.
 L.S.G.C.  Geo. V.  “Regular Army”.  Bmbr. T.E. Shubart.  R.A Sold with handsome gilt and enamel R.A.O.B. medal, with top pin bar “Egypt”.  Reverse  -  “Member of the Province of Egypt.  Bro.  T.E. Shubart”. (GVF) £245

1051. Group of Four
 I.G.S.  1 Bar NWF 1930-31.  Sigmn. Sadar Ud Din.  I.S.C.
 1939-45 and Pacific Stars. War Medal 1939-45.
  Recipient was K.I.A., aged 35, whilst serving with the Indian Signals Corps in Malaya on 28-1-1942 and is
 commemorated on the Singapore (unmaintable graves) Memorial, Singapore.  (VF) £220

1053. Group of Four
 I.G.S.  1 Bar NWF 1935.  Gnr. P. Thomas.  R.A.
 1939-45 and Africa Stars.   War Medal 1939-45.
  Recipient was K.I.A., aged 34, serving with 2 Bty., 1. Lt. A.A. Regt. R.A. on 10-5-1942 and is commemorated
 on the Alamein Memorial. (NEF) £220

1061. Group of Four
 G.S.M.  1 Bar Palestine.  Pte. E.E. Pinkney.  W. York Regt.
 1939-45 and Africa Stars. War Medal 1939-45.
   Recipient was K.I.A., aged 32, serving with 2nd Bn.,  on 9-6-1942 & is buried in Halfaya Skelum War Cemetery  (NEF) £225

1062. Group of Seven
 N.G.S.  1 Bar Palestine 1936-1939.  L.G. Thornton.  L.S.A.  R.N.
 1939-45, Atlantic, and Africa Stars. War Medal 1939-45.
 Queens Korea.  S.C.S.O.  L.G. Thornton  R.N.  U.N. Korea. Mounted as worn.  (NEF) £495

Group of Three Rare Nurse (Female) Casualty for W.W.2.

 1939-45 Star.  France & Germany Star. War Medal 1939-45.  Attributed to Sister A.M. Blackman Q.A.I.M.N.S.
The V2 Rocket landed in Teniers Plaats (Square), a major road junction in the centre of Antwerp, as a British convoy was moving through the intersection.  The Rocket is believed to have exploded just above ground, having possibly hit the overhead train lines.  The result was total devastation, with 126 people killed and 309 injured in the incident. Sister Audrey Mary Blackman Q.A.I.M.N.S. was K.I.A., aged 28, on 27-11-1944 at Antwerp when a V2 Rocket landed in the middle of her convoy.

Sold with official W.W.2. Memorial Scroll and medal forwarding condolence slip, both named Sister A.M. Blackman.  Also included are the following original documents.  -  Birth Certificate (U.S.A.), Baptismal Certificate, General Nursing Council for England and Wales “Registered Nurse” Certificate, and Central Midwifes Board First Examination Certificate.  At school, recipient was a budding artist, and some examples of her work are included.  She also trained as a typist, and in 1935 was one of the fifty finalists in the News Chronicle Typing Championship.  The newspaper article covering this, which includes a photograph of Miss Blackman, and her newspaper invitation card are with the lot, together with original photographs - one aged 15 and another head and   shoulders in uniform, inscribed “In Memory of our Dearest Audrey”.  Copy photograph of the damage caused by the V2 in Antwerp are with the lot.
A very complete and rare casualty group.   (NEF) £2295 PHOTOS

1067. Group of Four
 1939-45 and Pacific Stars. War Medal.   Australia Service Medal 1939-45.  VX 109544  J.D. Moseley.
 Mounted as worn. (NEF) £125

1068. Group of Seven
1939-45 and Italy Stars.  Defence and War Medals.
Queens Korea.  Sgt. J. Megginson  R.N.F.
U.N. Korea.
A.G.S.  1 Bar Kenya.  Sgt.. J. Meggison.  R.N.F.
Mounted for display. (NEF) £485

1069. Group of Three
 Defence and War Medals.
 Efficiency Medal “Territorial”  Geo. V1  2nd type.  Cpl. T. Forrester  A.T.S.  Mounted as worn.   (NEF) £125

1070. Group of Six
 1939-45 and France & Germany Stars. Defence and War Medals.
 G.S.M.  1 Bar Malaya.  Geo. V1.  Sgt. G.R. Goodwin.  R.A.P.C.
 L.S.G.C.  Eliz. 11  2nd type “Regular Army”  S/Sgt. G.R. Goodwin  R.A.P.C.  Mounted as worn.  (NEF) £255

1071. Group of Three
 Defence and War Medals.
 G.S.M.  1 Bar Palestine 1945-48.  Cpl. B.M. Hodge  A.T.S. Mounted as worn.  (NEF) £170

1074. Group of Seven
 1939-45 and France & Germany Stars.  Defence and War Medals.
 G.S.M.  Eliz. 11  1 Bar Malaya.  S/Sgt. C.E. Campbell  R.E.M.E.
 L.S.G.C.  Eliz. 11  2nd type.  “Regular Army”  S/Sgt. C.E. Campbell  R.E.M.E.
 Efficiency Medal “Territorial”  Geo. V1.  1st type.  Bmbr. C. Campbell  R.A.   Mounted as worn. (GVF) £335

Photos can be requested.

1076. Group of Six
 1939-45, Africa, and Italy Stars.  Defence and War Medals.
 G.S.M.  3 Bars Palestine 1945-48/Near East/Cyprus.  Dvr. D.S. Martin.  R. Signals. Mounted as worn.   (NEF) £375 PHOTOS

1077. Group of Six
 1939-45, Africa, and Italy Stars.   Defence and War Medals.
 Efficiency Medal “Territorial”  Geo. V1.  1st type.  Gnr. R.C. Wallis  R.A.  Sold with forwarding box for W.W.2. Medals.  (EF) £100

1078. Group of Six
 1939-45, Africa (1st Army) and Italy Stars. Defence and War Medals.
 Efficiency Medal “Militia”.  Geo. V1  2nd type.  Pte. J.R. Gatfield.  R.M.P.   Mounted as worn.  (NEF) £170

1079. Group of Four
 1939-45, and Africa (8th Army) Stars.   War Medal.  Africa Service Medal.  All named “28274 L.B. Gerber.”
  Sold with copy papers which show recipient as serving in the R.L.I.  And later transferring to the South
 African Pay Corps. Mounted for display. (NEF) £80

1081. Group of Four
 Defence and War Medals.
 G.S.M.  1 Bar Malaya.  Geo. V1.  Major S.J. Singer.  R.A.O.C.
 L.S.G.C.  Geo. V.  “Regular Army”  W.O. Cl. 2.  S.J. Singer.  R.A.  Mounted for display. (NEF) £250

1082. Group of Two
 Defence Medal.
 Police Exemplary Service.  Eliz. 11  2nd type.  Sgt. Fred Smith. Mounted as worn. (NEF) £60   

1155. Group of Three
 G.S.M.  1 Bar Canal Zone.  Gnr. E.M. McKay.  R.A.
 National Service Medal.  Gnr. McKay E.M.  1953-1955.  41st Fld. Regt.  R.A.  (Unofficial)
 Suez Canal Zone Medal.  Gnr. McKay E.M.  1953-1955.  41st Fld. Regt.  R.A.  (Unofficial)   Mounted as worn.  (EF) £325

1156. Group of Two
 G.S.M.  1 Bar Palestine 1945-48.  Pte. D. Gleeson.  R. Scots. C.S.M.  1 Bar Borneo.  D. Gleeson.  Cpl. R.M.   (NEF) £250

Photos can be requested.

1163. Group of Three
 Queens Korea.  Pte. W. Turley.  Black Watch.   U.N. Korea
 A.G.S.  1 Bar Kenya.  Cpl. W. Turley.  Black Watch.
  Sold with details of the Black Watch in Korea, etc..   Mounted for display. (NEF) PHOTOS

1164. Group of Two
 Queens Korea - Canadian issue.  T.D. Hartigan.   U.N. Korea.  T.D. Hartigan.  (NEF)  £185

1169. Group of Two
 G.S.M.  1 Bar Malaya.  Geo. V1.  Fg. Off.  C.E.F. Cooper.  R.A.F.
 C.S.M.  2 Bars S. Arabia/Malay Peninsular.  Flt. Lt. C.E.F. Cooper  R.A.F.
 Served G.D. Branch. - Later (1971) Sqn. Ldr. Supply Branch.  (Deputy Directorate of Supply Management) (NEF) £325

1191. Group of Four
 C.S.M.  1 Bar N. Ireland.  Pte. A. Horn.  A.G.C. (SPS)  -  Officially renamed.
 Iraq Medal  (Op Telic)  L/Cpl. A. Horn.  A.G.C. (SPS)
 Accumulated Service Medal  -  2nd type (2011)  L/Cpl. A. Horn  A.G.S. (SPS)
 Diamond Jubilee Medal 2012.  All medals in their original boxes/cases of issue. (EF) £650

Photos can be requested.

1192. Group of Seven
 C.S.M.  1 Bar N. Ireland.  Pte. C. Cunningham.  A & S.H.
 Iraq Medal  (Op Telic)  L/Cpl. C. Cunningham.  A. & S.H.
 European Security and Defence Policy Service Medal  -  Bar ‘Althea’
 NATO Service Medal  -  Bar ‘Isaf’
 Operational Service Medal  -  Bar ‘Afghanistan’  L/Cpl. C. Cunningham.  Scots.
 Accumulated Service Medal - 1st type.  C, Cunningham.  Scots.
 Diamond Jubilee Medal 2012.
   Sold with original award certificates for the European Union and NATO medals, and a resume of recipient’s
 army career. All medals except C.S.M. in boxes/cases of issue.   (EF) £1000 PHOTO

1200. Group of Four
South Atlantic - with rosette  AEM(M).1.  M. Jones.  815 Sqn.
Golden Jubilee 2002
Diamond Jubilee 2012
Prison Service Exemplary Service.  Off. M. Jones
Sold with original boxes of issue. Mounted as worn.  (EF) £1235

1205. Group of Two
 Operational Service Medal.  Afghanistan ribbon (Op Telic)  O.M. (W).1.  M.K. King  R.N.
 Iraq Medal  (Op Telic)  -  Bar 19 Mar to 28 Apr 2003.  O.M.(W).1.  M.K. King.
   Both medals in boxes of issue. (EF) £835 PHOTOS

1207. Group of Two
 Operational Service Medal  -  Bar Afghanistan.  Spr. J. Richards.  R.E.
 Iraq Medal  (Op Telic)  -  Bar 19 Mar to 28 Apr 2003.  Spr. J. Richards  R.E.   Mounted as worn.   (NEF) £495

1208. Group of Two
 Iraq Medal  (Op Telic)  No Bar.  S.A.C.  A.B. Falle  R.A.F.
 Operational Service Medal  -  Bar Afghanistan.  S.A.C.  A.B. Falle  R.A.F.  £450

1218. Group of Three
 Volunteer Officer’s Decoration - Victoria.  Complete with top pin bar.
 Volunteer Force Long Service - Victoria  -  Un-named as issued.
 Volunteer Force Long Service - Edw. V11.  Colonel S.W. Doyle.  1/Lancs.  R.E.V.  Mounted for display   (NEF) £695

1230. Group of Two
 B.W.M. and Victory.  Pte. S. Emerson  R.A.M.C.   Memorial Plaque.  Stanley Emerson.
 Recipient was K.I.A. with 77th Field Ambulance on 1-4-1918 and is commemorated on the Ploegsteert
 Memorial.  He was born and enlisted in West Hartlepool. (NEF) £230

1231. Group of Three
 1914 Star Trio.  Gnr. H.J.E. Coleman  R.F.A.
 Recipient died on 11-3-1915 serving with 39th Bty R.F.A., aged 19, and is buried in Wimereux Communal
 Cemetery.  Resided in Merton, Surrey.  (NEF) £180

1232. Group of Three
 1914 Star Trio.  Pte. T. Rising.  1/R. Berkshire R.
   Recipient was K.I.A., aged 26, with the 1st Bn., on 27-7-1916, and is commemorated on the Thiepval
 Memorial.  He was born and resided in Bow, London.   (NEF) £350

1235. Group of Three
 1914-15 Trio.  Pte. G. Hart.  R.M.L.I.  Memorial Plaque.  George Hart.
 Recipient enlisted in 1911 and on outbreak of war was on Cyclops, then transferred to 1/R.M. at the end of
 the Gallipoli Campaign.  He was wounded on 13-11-1916 during the Battle of Ancre and was wounded again on
 26-10-1917 at Ypres.  E returned to the Bn and was K.I.A., on 8-10-1918 with 1/R.M. Bn., R.N. Div. and is
 commemorated on the Vis-En-Artois Memorial France.
   Sold with full copy service papers, and wax plaque container and damaged metal boxes. (EF) £335

1236. Group of Six  -  Two Brothers

 1.  1914-15 Trio.  L/Cpl. W.W. Blades.  Lincoln Regt.
   Recipient D.O.W. with 1st Bn on 9-8-1915 and is buried in Potijze Chateau Lawn Cemetery.

 2.  1914-15 Trio.  Pte. J. Blades.  26 Bn  A.I.F.
   Recipient was K.I.A. between 19-8-1916 and 22-8-1916 with the 12th Bn Australian Infantry, aged 25, and
 is commemorated on the Villers-Bretonneux Memorial.  Both brothers were from Willingham by Stow, Lincs.
 Sold with medal forwarding boxes & covering letter for 1914-15 Star awarded to L/Cpl. W.W. Blades.   (EF) £850

1238. Group of Two
 B.W.M. and Victory.  Bmbr. A. Beach.  H.A.C. Arty. Memorial Plaque.  Alec Beach.
 Recipient was K.I.A., aged 22, with 25 Bde  H.A.C., on 4-10-1917 and is buried in New Irish Farm Cemetery.
 He resided in West Norwood.  (NEF) £295

WW1 Memorial Plaques.

1324. Memorial Plaque.  James Gammie. (NEF) £55

1329. 1914 Star Trio.   Cpl. F. Gill.  E. York R.  (Pte. 1/E. York R on Star) (EF) £205

1330. 1914 Star Trio. 1914 Star Pte. T. Paterson. 2/Seaforth Highrs.  B.W.M. & Victory  3-A.M. T. Paterson RAF (NEF) £195

1341. 1914-15 Trio.  Cpl. G. McKee.  R. Scots.  -  Sold with M.I.C. which shows transferring to Tank Corps.  (NEF) £180

1342. 1914-15 Trio.  Havildar Sultan Mahomed.  R.F.A.  Official correction to part of rank on B.W.M. (GVF) £155

1343. 1914-15 Trio.  Spr. W. Fleming  R.E.  (Spr.  R.M. on Star) (NEF) £98

1369. B.W.M. & Victory.  Pte. G. Mortlock.  Rifle Brigade. Mounted for display.   (NEF) £36

1371. B.W.M. & Victory.  Pte. F. Major.  Northumberland Fus. (NEF) £36

1372. B.W.M. & Victory.  A/Sgt. J.H. Bulcock.  Manchester R.  -  The B.W.M. has been renamed.  (NEF) £25

1374. B.W.M. & Victory.  Pte. J. Gresty.  R.M.L.I.   (GVF) £46

1376. B.W.M. & Victory.  2/Lieut. D.W. Jones  (NEF) £75

1378. B.W.M. & Victory.  Jnr. Eng. R.E. Harvey.  (NEF) £60

1379. B.W.M. & Victory.  Rev. A.S. Dunlop   (M.I.D. emblem on ribbon)  -  L/G 3-6-1919  T/C to F  4th class.
 Mounted as worn.  (NEF) £315

1380. B.W.M. & Victory.  Pte. J.W. Wallace.  Rifle Bde.  (GVF) £36

Miniature Medals
See main list

1477. Territorial Force War Medal   (NEF) £25

1478. Two.  I.G.S. 1895.  1 Bar Relief of Chitral.   L.S.G.C.  Edw. V11.  Both medals have swivel suspenders.  Mounted as worn. (NEF) £58

1484. Coronation Medal 1911.  Silver. (EF) £15

1485. Kings Medal for Courage in the Cause of Freedom.  No ribbon.  Silver.  (NEF) £30

1486. Three.  Gulf Medal - Bar 16 Jan to 28 Feb 1991.  C.S.M.  1 Bar Kuwait.  L.S.G.C. Eliz. 11 “Regular Army”. Mounted as worn.  (NEF) £25

1487. Six 1939-45, Africa, and Italy Stars.  Defence and War Medals.  G.S.M.- 3 Bars Palestine/Near East/Cyprus.  Mounted as worn.   (NEF) £26

1489. Two.  Order of St. .John - Serving Brother. Voluntary Medical Services Medal. Mounted as worn.   (NEF) £35

1491. Distinguished Service Order.  Geo. V.  -  with second award bar.  Complete with top bar.  (NEF) £50

1492. Diamond Jubilee Medal 2012 (EF) £9

1493. Jubilee Medal 2012 (EF) £10

1494. UNITAS Medal (South Africa) - Awarded to members of British Military Advisory Team in South Africa 1994 (Medal Year Book No SA40) (EF) £11

1495. Order of St. John.  Officer (Sister)  Enamelled badge.  (NEF) £18

1496. U.S.A.  -  Defence M.S.M.  (EF) £6

1497. U.S.A. - Air Medal   (NEF) £5

1498. U.S.A. - National Defence Service Medal. (NEF) £5

World Medals

 See main list for
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria,  CzechoslovakiaEthiopia,  Finland,   FranceGermany Greece,
India (Post1947)
, Ireland,  ItalyJapan,  Luxembourg, NetherlandsPolandRomaniaSerbiaSingapore,  SpainSyriaThailand,
 U.S.S.R., U.S.A., Yugoslavia  (Kingdom),  Yugoslavia  (Republic of) plus others.... Click here

1503. Order of Leopold 11 - Knight.  With palm leaf.  (NEF) £35
1504. Croix De Guerre 1914-1918  -  with Laurel Branch.   (NEF) £35

1512. Medaille Militaire.  Trophy of Arms suspender. (EF) £30
1513. Croix De Guerre 1914-1915.  -  with two Laurel Branches and two bronze Stars on ribbon.  (NEF) £32
1514. Croix De Guerre 1914-1918  -  with one Laurel Branch on ribbon.   (NEF) £25
1515. Morocco Medal 1909  -  Sold with only a small piece of ribbon. (GVF) £37
1517. Victory Medal 1914-1918.   (GVF) £12
1518. Medal for Escaped Prisoners.  (Medaille Des Evades)  (NEF) £13
1519. Croix De Guerre 1914-1917.  (NEF) £25

Various other Medals
Tribute, Peace, Sports, and Temperance Medals and Medallions.
See main list.

1433. Evening Chronicle Medal of Honour.  Gilt and enamel - similar to a small O.B.E. 1st type.  Reverse - “Gloops Club
 Member of Honour”  Un-named.  Fitted with top pin bar “For Achievement”.  (NEF) £25

1434. Portsmouth United Service Rifle Meeting.  Bronze Medal with bar on ribbon “Portsmouth Times”. (GVF) £25

1435. British Army on the Rhine - B.A.R.  Bronze Medallion 1¾” diameter.  Obverse - Figure of Victory, with
 attacking troops in the background.  Reverse engraved “B.A.R.  L.G. & H.G. Match. “A” Group.  Offrs., W.O.s &
 Sergts.  3rd Prize.  S.A. Meeting 1925”. (NEF) £20

1436. Two Unofficial Commemorative Medals  -  British Forces Germany Medal, and Border Service Medal.  Both
 named Sgt. D. Greenwood.  1. York and Lancs. (EF) £60

1437. The Incorporated Law Society of Great Britain.  Heavy Bronze Medallion (2” diameter)  Presented to Solicitors
 and Articled Clerks who served in the South African Campaign 1899-1902, and who were entertained by the
 Society, at a banquet in its hall on December 18th 1902. (GVF) £535

Military Temperance Medals

801. Army Temperance Assn.  -  India -  5 Year Medal.  Silver and enamel.  (ATAI.5) (NEF) £25
803. Royal Army Temperance Assn. -  6 Year Medal-India only  (RATA 6)  Shield with crossed bugle horns silver (NEF) £20
804. King George Coronation 1911 -  India only  (RATA.17) (NEF) £20
805. Army Temperance Assn. - India   -  3 Year Medal.  Silver  (ATAI.3)  The Beatty Star.   (NEF) £18
806. Soldiers Total Abstinence Assn.   -  1 Year Medal - India.  Silver  (STR.1.) (NEF) £14
807. Royal Army Temperance Assn. -  6 Month Medal - Bronze  (RATA.1.) (NEF) £15
808. Army Temperance Assn. - India   -  6 Month Medal - Silvered bronze.  (ATAI.1.)   (NEF) £12
809. Army Temperance Assn. - India   -  6 Month Medal - Bronze  (ATAI.1) (NEF) £12

"Photos can be requested"


1418. Cape of Good Hope G.S.M.  No Bar. Very good contemporary copy.  Un-named. (GVF) £52

1421. Air Crew Europe Star  -  Very good copy.   (NEF) £15

1422. I.G.S. 1854.  1 Bar Sikkim 1888.  Pte. H. Brown.  2nd Bn Derby Regt.   Renamed.  (GF) £275

1423. Mercantile Marine War Medal.  Surname partially erased. (NEF) £20

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