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List No.151
December 2014

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Campaign Medals.

Photos can be requested.

3.  Mysore Medal 1792.  43 mm.  Silver.  Milled edge.  As awarded to Jemadars.(NEF)£2500

7.  Bagur and Palamos Medal.  1811  -  Silver.
   Awarded by the Captain General of Catalonia to Royal Marines and Officers and Seamen from the British
  frigate “Cambrian” for two actions on the coast of Catalonia in September 1810.  Only awarded to those who
  actually went ashore. (NEF)£2750

8.  Coorg Medal 1837  -  Bronze.(NEF)£420

19.  Punjab Medal 1848-49.  2 Bars Goojerat/Chilianwala.  J. Allcock.  9th Lancers.(GVF)£745

22.  Baltic Medal.  Un-named as issued to R.N. (NEF)£190

28.  Crimea  4 Bars  Alma/Bal./Ink/Seb.  Seignobose.  286.  (Depot impressed)   (GVF)£535

29.  Turkish Crimea.  Sardinian issue.  Un-named as issued.  Double ring suspender. (VF)£120 PHOTOS

41.  Indian Mutiny.  1 Bar Central India.  John Keefe.  88th Regt. Verified.   Contact marks.(VF)£525

103.  Egypt  -  1 Bar Suakin 1885.  Pte. W. Campion.  1/Coldstream Gds.  Verified.  Shallow pitting.   (VF)£275

106.  Egypt  -  2 Bars The Nile 1884-85/Kirbekan.  Pte. T. Simcock.  1/S. Staff. R.(GVF)£350

122.  I.G.S.  1895.  2 Bars Pjb. Fr/Tirah.  Rfn. Kirpal Sing Negi.  39th Bl. Infy.   (GVF)£195

134.  I.G.S.  1895.  1 Bar Punjab Fr.  Jemadar Warriam Singh.  21st Pjb. Infy.  Jemdr. 1-7-1896.  Subadar 1-9-1899.
  Subadar-Major 1-11-1916.  Awarded O.B.I. First Class 2-2-1917.(GVF)£175

136.  I.G.S.  1895.  1 Bar Waziristan 1901-2.  L/Nk. Kaim.  20th Mule Cps. (VF)£155

153.  Q.S.A. 5 Bars CC/OFS/TVL/SA’01/SA’02/  Pte. J. Rowe.  62nd Coy.  Imp. Yeo.  (Middlesex)   (NEF)£150

154.  Q.S.A. 4 Bars CC/OFS/TVL/SA’02.  Pte. J. Jones.  Cheshire Regt.   (GVF)£145

156.  Q.S.A. 4 Bars CC/OFS/TVL/SA’01.  B.Q.M. Sgt. A. Riches.  87th Bty.  R.F.A.  Recipient was M.I.D. per Lord
  Roberts’ Despatch dated 29-11-1900.  Sold with copy papers showing entitlement to CC and OFS clasps only.
  The Medal does not appear to have been tampered with, however.(NEF)£235 

162.  Q.S.A. 3 Bars CC/OFS/Johan.  Pte. J. Hannah.  Gordon Highrs. (NEF)£130

192.  Q.S.A. No Bar.  Pte. C.H. Dines.  Wiltshire Regt.   (GVF)  £115

193.  Q.S.A. No Bar.  Mr. J.W. Smith.  Imp. Mil. Rly.   (NEF)  £105

195.  K.S.A. Usual Two Bars.  Sgt. J.C. Forbes.  R.G.A.   (GVF)  £80

229.  1914 Star.   L/Cpl. L.S. Sansbury.  19/Hussars.  Recipient was K.I. A.  F. & F. on 13-9-1914.   (NEF)  £140

230.  1914 Star.   Cpl. J. Wattie.  1/6 Gordon Highrs.  Recipient was K.I.A.  F. & F. on 25-9-1915.  Resided in   Strathdon.(NEF)  £125

236.  1914-15 Star.  Sepoy Makhmud Ji.  1/Bn. Guides Infy.(GVF)  £25

277.  Victory. Pte. H. Burton.  Middlesex R.  (GVF)  £12

278.  Victory. Pte. C.J. Morrell.  Middlesex R.  (NEF)  £12

279.  Victory.  Gnr. W. Town.  R.A.  (GVF)  £10

287.  I.G.S.  1 Bar NWF 1908.  Naick Ranlu Singh.  Q.O.C. Guides.(GVF)  £120

289.  I.G.S.  1 Bar Afghan NWF 1919.  L/Cpl. T. Kirkham.  N. Staff. Regt.   (VF)  £100

300.  I.G.S.  1 Bar NWF 1930-31.  Gnr. C.C.V. Osman.  R.A. (GVF)  £85

301.  I.G.S.  1 Bar Burma 1930-32.  L/Nk. Bahadur Gurung.  N.S.S. Bn.  B.M.P. (NEF)  £90

General Service Medals

319.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Palestine.  Dvr. H. Morey.  R.E.(NEF)  £78

320.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Palestine.  Pte. R. Thomas.  Welsh R.(GVF)  £115

321.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Palestine.  Pte. J.F. Owens.  W. York R.  Edge knocks.(VF)  £95

322.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Palestine.  Pte. V. Ranford.  Worcester R.  Recipient was taken P.O.W. during W.W.2. and was
  interned in Stalag 7A in Moosburg (Isar)(NEF)  £150

326.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Palestine.  Fsr. G. Mansbridge.  R. Fusiliers.  Recipient was taken P.O.W. during W.W.2. and was
  interned in Stalag 20A in Thorn Podgorz.(NEF)  £145

327.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Palestine.  Pte. W. Kelly.  Worcester R.  Recipient was awarded the Military Medal (M.M.) per
  L/G of 16-4-1942 for bravery in East Africa.  -  “At Gogni on 26-1-1941 W/Sgt. Kelly in command of his
  platoon was ordered to advance and occupy a small hill from which to give covering fire to the main advance
  upon  the objective.  He skilfully led his platoon across bullet swept country and later was able to leap frog through
  into the main objective where he captured seven prisoners.
 After a strong enemy counter-attack had been repulsed by fire, and whilst the position was under shell fire,
  volunteers were called for to organise a bayonet charge to clear the enemy from a small re-entrant.  W/Sgt. Kelly
  immediately volunteered ad whilst organising his party was wounded.  Throughout this operation, this N.C.O.
  showed a complete disregard for his own personal safety, and by his example and leadership was largely responsible
  for the success of the operation”.
Sold with silver shooting medal, reverse engraved “Rfm. W. Kelly.  Recruits Best Rifle Shot 1930”  (NEF)  £395

328.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Palestine.  Dvr. J. Delvin.  R.A.S.C. 
Recipient was K.I.A., aged 24, on 14-11-1942, serving with 14 Gen. Transport Coy., R.A.S.C.
and is commemorated on the Alamein Memorial.   (NEF)  £275

335.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Palestine 1945-48.  Tpr. R. Coleman.  4/7 Dgn. Gds.(NEF)  £100

336.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Palestine 1945-48.  Tpr. T. May.  17/21 Lancers.(NEF)  £100

337.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Palestine 1945-48.  Pte. W. Hordley.  R. Warwick R. (NEF)  £95

338.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Palestine 1945-48.  Pte. W.G. Manville.  Herts. R.   (NEF)  £120

339.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Palestine 1945-48.  Spr. R.W. F. Chilcott.  R.E.(NEF)  £65

340.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Malaya.  Geo. V1.  L.A.C.  J. MacDonald.  R.A.F.(NEF)  £60

341.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Malaya.  Geo. V1.  J.O. Kiddle.  (Civilian recipient) (NEF)  £135

342.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Malaya.  Geo. V1. Sgt. Atiba Limamba.  K.A.R.(GVF)  £48

343.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Malaya.  Geo. V1.  Pte. Friday Nsonkho.  K.A.R.(GVF)  £48

375.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Malaya.  Eliz.11.  Pte. S. Gregory.  R.A.O.C.   (NEF)  £60

376.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Cyprus.  Rfn. O. McGarvey.  R.U.R.   (NEF)  £95

388.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Near East.  W.O. Cl. 2.  J.F. Stedman.  R.E. In box of issue.(EF)  £135

391.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Brunei.  Sgt/Mjr. Morchan Bin Brahim.  Sarawak Police.   (NEF)  £210

392.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Canal Zone.  Tpr. W.J. Simpson.  The Royals.   (NEF)  £265

393.  G.S.M.  1 Bar Canal Zone.  Pte. T.F. Benstead.  R.A.O.C.(EF)  £265

421.  India Service Medal 1939-45.  Un-named as issued.(NEF)  £15

Campaign Service Medals

429.  C.S.M. 1 Bar Malay Peninsular.  D. Ward.  A.B.  R.N.(EF)  £85

430.  C.S.M. 1 Bar Malay Peninsular.  Spr. A.A. Grubey.  R.E.(NEF)  £80

431.  C.S.M. 1 Bar South Arabia.  S.A.C. R. Lodge.  R.A.F.   (NEF)  £85

432.  C.S.M. 1 Bar South Arabia.  L/Cpl. L.J.D. Trevithick.  R. Signals.(NEF)  £85

459.  C.S.M. 2 Bars Borneo/South Arabia.  L/Bdr. A.P.M. Whitelock  R.A.  In “S. Arabia” box of issue.  (NEF)  £125

479.  Operational Service Medal.  1 Bar Afghanistan.  Pte. J.D. Elliott.  Scots.  In box of issue.(EF)  £325

Orders & Decorations

Photos can be requested

484.  Most Distinguished Order of St. Michael and St. George  -  Companion - (C.M.G.)  Neck Badge in silver, gilt
  and enamel.  Very slight enamel damage at the point of one of the arms on the obverse.   (NEF)  £495

485.  Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire  -  Companion (C.I.E.)  -  Neck Badge.(EF)  £895

487.  Royal Victorian Order  -  Lieutenant - (L.V.O.)  Numbered 606.  In fitted case, numbered 338.  Breast Badge.  (EF)  £425

501.  Military Cross.  (M.C.)  Geo. V.  Un-named as issued.  In original case.(EF)  £785

520.  Military Medal (M.M.)  Geo. V.  Pte. G. Cooper.  1/The Queen’s Regt. (NEF)  £375

521.  Military Medal (M.M.)  Geo. V.  Pte. C. Desmond.  9/Devon Regt.   (EF)  £385

544.  Allied Subjects Medal  -  Bronze.  Un-named as issued. (VF)  £550

551.  British Empire Medal  (B.E.M.)  Geo. V1.  -  Civil.  Mary W. Mrs. Reid.  L/G 15-6-1945  “Mary Wilson, Mrs. Reid.
  Shearing Machine Operator, Crittall Manufacturing Co. Ltd.   (EF)  £175

554.  British Empire Medal  (B.E.M.)  Geo. V1.  -  Civil.  Edgar Littlejohn.
L/G 9-1-1946 “Edgar Littlejohn.  Electrical   Overseer, Admiralty Outstation”. (NEF)  £225

578.  Order of St. John  - Officer.  Breast Badge 6th type (1984-91)  Silver and enamel.(NEF)  £60

579.  Order of St. John  - Officer.  Breast Badge 7th type (1991 -)  Silver and enamel.   (NEF)  £65

580.  Order of St. John  - Officer.  Ladies issue, on bow.  In case of issue.   (NEF)  £73

Meritorious Service & Long Service Medals

Photos can be requested

621.  Army L.S.G.C. Victoria.  Pte. W. Leslie.  Dorset Regt.   (NEF)  £165

634.  Army L.S.G.C. Geo. V1. Indian issue  -  Un-named (not erased) (NEF)  £65

705.  Efficiency Medal.   “Ceylon”  Geo. V.  Pte. A. Senanayake.  C.L.I. (NEF)  £185

706.  Efficiency Medal  “Militia”  Geo. V.  Spr. R. Whisker.  R.E.   (NEF)  £145

723.  Efficiency Medal.  “Territorial”  Geo. V1. 1st type.  Pte. A. McCallum  6-H.L.I.   (NEF)  £75

724.  Efficiency Medal.  “Territorial”  Geo. V1.  2nd type.  Lieut. E.T. Walls.  R.A.  In box of issue (L/G 11-6-48)  (EF)  £90

725.  Efficiency Medal.  “Territorial”  Geo. V1.  2nd type.  W.O. Cl. 2.  J. Scott.  H.L.I.(NEF)  £80

726.  Efficiency Medal.  “Territorial”  Geo. V1.  2nd type.  Cfn. B.J. Drew.  R.E.M.E.   (NEF)  £47

727.  Efficiency Medal.  “Territorial”  Eliz. 11.  2nd type.  Sgt. F. Bailey.  D.W.R.   (EF)  £85

737.  Prison Service L.S.G.C.  S.O.  S. Lyons WDO31.  -  Sold with recipient’s Diamond Jubilee Medal 2012. (EF)  £250

738.  R.A.F.  L.S.G.C.  Eliz. 11  2nd type.  Cpl. W.J. Simpson.  R.A.F.(EF)  £60

740.  London Private Fire Brigades Assocn.. Long Service numbered 226.  In fitted case of issue.   (NEF)  £105

Jubilee, Coronations, Visits etc.

784.  Coronation 1911  -  Metropolitan Police.  P.S.  J. Slatter.   (NEF)  £30

Groups of Medals, Memorial Plaques & Pairs.

"Photos can be requested"

795.  Group of Four
  Most Honourable Order of the Bath  -  Companion  (C.B.)  -  Civil - Neck Badge (L/G 1-1-1919)
  Most Excellent Order of the British Empire  -  Companion  (C.B.E.)  Civil.  (L/G 1918)
  B.W.M.  H. Piggott.
  Silver Jubilee Medal 1935.
Sir Henry Howard Piggott was born in 1871 and was educated at Kingswood School, Bath, and Corpus
  Christi, Oxford.  He served as H.M. Inspector of Schools, Board of Education 1902-1915, and during the war
  at the Ministry of Munitions, 1915-1919, serving as Private Secretary to the Rt. Hon. C. Addison and to Rt. Hon.
  Winston Churchill when Ministers of Munitions 1916-1917.  He was then appointed an Assistant Secretary of
  the Ministry, a post he held until the end of the war, when he was transferred to the Ministry of Transport.  From
  1929-1934 he was Deputy Secretary, and in 1934 he was appointed Chairman of the Traffic Commissioners
  and Licensing Authority for the South-East area.  During the 1939-45 war he was Regional Transport Commissioner
  of the Southern region, and prior to his retirement in 1946 he became Deputy Traffic Commissioner and
  Licensing Authority for the Metropolitan area.  He died in 1951.
He was recommended for the C.B.E. by Winston Churchill and for the C.B. by Lloyd-George, and Photostat
  copies of their letters informing Piggott of their recommendations are included.  Both decorations and the
  Jubilee Medal are in their cases of issue. (EF)  £875

799.  Group of Ten
  Order of the British Empire - Commander  (C.B.E.)  2nd type - Military.
  N.G.S.  1 Bar Persian Gulf 1909-1914.  Payr.  B. Carter.  R.N.  HMS Swiftsure.
  1914-15 Star.  Asst. Payr.  B. Carter  R.N.
  B.W.M. and Victory.  Payr.  Lt. Cdr. B. Carter.  R.N.
  1939-45 and Africa Stars. Defence and War Medals.
  Silver Jubilee Medal 1935.
C.B.E.  -  L/G 11-6-1942  -  “Paymaster Captain Bernard Carter.  Royal Navy (retired)
 Sold with copy papers covering career from 1902 to 1923.  Mounted as worn.(GVF/NEF)  £1325

800.  Group of Four
  Order of the British Empire.  Officer  (O.B.E.)  1st type Military.
  1914-15 Star.  Lieut. W.A. Young  R.E.
  B.W.M. and Victory  (M.I.D.)
   O.B.E. - L/G 3-6-1919  - T/Capt. W.A. Young  R.E.
   M.I.D. - Two - L/G 20-7-1917 (T/Lieut.  R.E.) and L/G 3-6-1919  (T/Capt. R.E.)(NEF)  £515

804.Group of Four
Order of the British Empire - Member  (M.B.E.)  1st type - Military.
1914-15 Trio.  2/Lieut. H.W. Adams  A.S.C.
  M.B.E. - L/G 3-5-1919  -  “T/Lieut H.W. Adams.  R.A.S.C.”(NEF)£325

815.Group of Three
Royal Red Cross.  Second class  (A.R.R.C.)  Geo. V.
B.W.M. and Victory.  Sister L.E. Allee  (T.F.N.S.)
A.R.R.C.  -  L/G 3-6-1916. Mounted for display. (NEF)£625

816.Group of Four
Royal Red Cross.  Second class  (A.R.R.C.)  Geo. V.
1914-15 Star.  S/Nurse L.M. Coates.  Q.A.I.M.N.S.R.
B.W.M. and Victory.  Sister L.M. Coates.A.R.R.C.  -  L/G 1-1-1918.   Mounted for display.(NEF)£745

823.Group of Two
Distinguished onduct Medal  (D.C.M.)  Geo. V.  C.S. Mjr.J.W. Mann.  2/K.O.S.B
1914 Star and Bar.  Sgt. J. Mann.  K.O.Sco.Bord.
Memorial Plaque John Mann.
Recipient D.O.W., aged 34 on 11-6-1915, and is buried in Dickebusch New Military Cemetery.
D.C.M.-L/G 3-6-1915 - “For gallantry, initiative, and coolness on the 18th April 1950 at Hill 60, when he handled
his men with great ability at a critical time during the fighting for possession of the hill”.   (NEF)£1650

832.Group of Three
Military Medal  (M.M.)  Geo. V.  Pte. H. Ireson.  4/R. Fusiliers.
B.W.M. and Victory.  Pte. H. Ireson.  R. Sussex R. (NEF)£595

833.Group of Three
Military Medal  (M.M.)  Geo. V.  Sgt. E.S. Straw.  10/R. Fusiliers. (NEF)£625

834.Group of Four
Military Medal  (M.M.)  Geo. V.  Bmbr. A.D. Turner.  H.Q. 72/Bde.  R.F.A
1914-15 Trio.  Cpl. A.D. Turner  R.A.  (Gnr.  R.F.A. on Star)(NEF)£460

835.Group of Four
Military Medal  (M.M.)  Geo. V.  Pte. L. McKone.  7/Middlesex R.  (L/G 12-6-1918)
1914-15 Trio.  Pte. L. McKone.  Middlesex Regt.  (B.W.M. - details erased) 
Sold with copies of M.I.C., L/G entry, etc..   (NEF)£485

836.Group of Three
Military Medal  (M.M.)  Geo. V.  Gnr. A. Bennett.  310/Sge. By.  R.G.A.
B.W.M. and Victory.  Gnr. A. Bennett.  R.A.  
M.M. - L/G 16-8-1917.  Not entitled to Star.(NEF)£445

837.Group of Three
Military Medal  (M.M.)  Geo. V.  Pte. J. Webster.  5/6 Scottish Rifles.
B.W.M. and Victory.  Pte. J. Webster.  Sco. Rif.(VF)£465

838.Group of Five
Military Medal  (M.M.)  Geo. V.  Pte. R. Hockheimer.  21/F.A.  R.A.M.C
1914 Star Trio.  Pte. R. Hockenheimer  R.A.M.C.
L.S.G.C.  Geo. V.  1st type.  Cpl. R. Hochheimer  M.M.   R.A.M.C.  Somewhat polished.(NVF)£525

839.Group of Three
Military Medal  (M.M.)  Geo. V.  Gnr. S.J. Binks.  180/Bde.  R.F.A.
B.W.M. and Victory.  Gnr. S.J. Binks  R.A.
M.M. - L/G 14-9-1916.  Sold with M.I.C. which shows no entitlement to Star.   (GVF)£385

840.Group of Four
Military Medal (M.M.)  Geo. V.  Sgt. W. Wilson.  11/Essex Regt.
B.W.M. and Victory.  W.O. Cl. 2.  W. Wilson.  Essex R.
France - Croix De Guerre 1914-1918.   (GVF)£665

869.Group of Five
Indian Police Medal  -  For Distinguished Conductt  -  Geo. V.  James Dwyer.  Inspector Bengal Police.
B.W.M. and Victory.  Pte. J. Dwyer.  M.G.C.
I.G.S.  1 Bar Afghan.  N.W.F. 1919.  Gnr. J. Dwyer  M.G.C.
Silver Jubilee Medal 1935.
I.P.M. - Gazette of India 1-1-1935 - “James Dwyer was appointed as a Sgt in the Calcutta Police from the
British Army in 1919.  He was promoted to officiate as an Inspector in 1926 and was confirmed in that rank in
1927.  In 1930 he received the appreciation and thanks of the Bengal Govt., for the bravery he displayed during cont¼.
the April riots.
During the last five years he has been responsible for many of the traffic schemes now working successfully
in Calcutta and has earned commendation from all quarters for the excellence of the traffic arrangements which he has made on many important occasions.  He is a capable organiser and has handled the various problems given to him with initiative, foresight and thoroughness, and his services have been on immense value to the
headquarters staff”.
  An account of the April 1930 riots mentioned in the citation is included in the lot.   (GVF)£550

872.Group of Three
Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry.  Geo. V1.  2nd type.  Spec. Const. Kassim Bin Mat.  Fed. Malaya Police.
G.S.M. - Bar Malaya.  Geo. V1.  S.C. Kassim B. Mat.  F. of M. Police.
Malaya - Active Service Medal.  Un-named as issued.
   C.P.M.  -  L/G 29-7-1952  -  Immediate Award.  Mounted for display. (EF)£1500

882.Group of Five
British Empire Medal  (B.E.M.)  Eliz. 11.  Harold Christopher Newell.
Order of St. John - Serving Brother.
Defence and War Medals.
Order of St. John Service Medal - with six extra service bars.  Pte. H. Newell.  No. 7 Dis.  S.J.A.B. 1942.
B.E.M. - L/G 12-6-1976 - “For services to the St. John Ambulance Bde in Shrewsbury.
 Order of St. John, Serving Brother - L/G 21-6-1968. Mounted as worn. (NEF)£625

883.Group of Five
Order of St. John - Officer.
Cadet Forces Medal.  Eliz. 11  2nd type - with two extra service bars.  Act. Flt. Lt. J.W. F. Brotherston.  RAFVR (T)
General Service Cross.   National Service Medal.  Voluntary Service Medal.
  The last three unofficial medals have all been named “Flt. Lt. J.;W. Brotherston  RAF.  Mounted as worn  (EF)£245

887.Group of Five
1914 Star and Bar.  Pte. C.J. Rendle.  1/1 N. Somerset Yeomanry.
B.W.M. and Victory.  2/Lieut. C.J. Rendle.
Defence Medal.
Russia  - Medal of St. George.  3rd Class.  Sgt. C.J. Rendle.  N. Som. Yeo.  T.F. (L/G 25-8-1915)(NEF) £2550

888.Group of Six
1914 Star Trio.  W.G. Elcombe.  B.R.C.S. & St. J.J.
British Red Cross Society Medal for War Service 1914-1918.
British Red Cross Society - Proficiency in Red Cross First Aid.  W. Elcombe.
Belgium - Civil Decoration 2nd class 1914-18 - with Bar “1914-1918”. Verified.  (NEF) £425

889.Group of Five
1914-15 Star.  Cpl. R. Hunter.  Lanark Yeomanry.
B.W.M. and Victory.  2/Lieut. R. Hunter.  (The B.W.M. has been erased)
Belgium - Order of the Crown - Chevalier.
Belgium - Croix de Guerre  -  with palm leaf.
L/G 24-10-1919.  Lieut Robert Hunter.  R.F.A.  (S.R.)
  Sold with ribbon bar and a full set of miniatures mounted as worn.  (NEF)£435

901.Group of Two
M.G.S.  1 Bar Corunna.  T.M. Fogo.  Asst. Surgeon.  O.M.D.
Waterloo.  Surgeon Thomas M. Fogo.  Royal Foot Artillery.  -- Fitted with bar suspender.
 Supernumerary Asst. Surgeon 22-1-1806.  Asst. Surgn.  O.M.D. 1-2-1808.  Surgeon O.M.D. 26-9-1814.
Half pay 1-9-1816.  Full pay 19-3-1825.  Senior Surgn. 1-1-1843.  Retired 25-7-1845.  Died at Tiverton, Devon 28-9-1850.  (NEF)£4625

932.Group of Four
Q.S.A.  2 Bars TVL/SA’02.  Ptd. E. Quinnell.  R. Sussex Regt.
1914-15 Trio.  Sgt. E.H. Quinnell.  E. Kent R.(GVF)£230

968.Group of Four
1914 Star and Bar Trio.  Pte. T.V. Butt.  5-London R.
Defence Medal.  Mounted as worn.(NEF)£225

971.Group of Four
1914-15 Trio.  Cpl. J.E. Newton.  Liverpool Regt. (Pte on Star)
I.G.S.  1 Bar Afghan NWF 1919.  Sgt. J.E. Newton.  L’Pool Regt.  (VF)£170

972.Group of Three
B.W.M. and Victory.  Gnr. C.G.P. Punchard.  R.A.
L.S.G.C.  Geo. V  1st type.  Musician.  C.G.P. Punchard.  R.A. (VF)£98

974.Group of Three
B.W.M. and Victory.  Pte. H. Smith.  R. Sussex R.
Terr. Force Efficiency Medal.  Geo. V.  Pte. H. Smith.  5-Suffolk R. (GVF)£125

975.Group of Four
1914-15 Trio.  Cpl. G.J. Rule.  R.F.A.
Terr. Force Efficiency Medal.  Geo. V.  Bmbr. G.J. Rule.  R.F.A.  (NEF)£130

976.Group of Four
1914-15 Trio.  Dvr. C.H.F. Baker.  A.S.C.
Terr. Force Efficiency Medal.  Dvr. C.H.F. Baker.  R.A.S.C.(NEF)£130

979.Group of Eight
1914-15 Star.  O.N. 312  G.H. Gaze  A.B.
B.W.M.  312.  G.H. Gaze  A.B.   R.A.N.
Victory.  312  G.H. Gaze  A.B.  A.N. & M.E.F.  (R. Australian Navy)
Mercantile Marine War Medal.  George Gaze.
1939-45, Atlantic, and Pacific Stars.  War Medal 1939-45/  Mounted as worn.   (VF/NEF)£835

980.Group of Four
1914-15 Trio.  Pte. E.J. Maber.  4-London R.
Terr. Efficiency Medal.  Pte. E. Maber.  4-London R.   Mounted for display.(NEF)£170

982.Group of Four
1914-15 Trio.  A/W.O. Cl. 2.  W. Tweedie.  Lothian & Border Horse.  (L/Sgt on Star.)
T.F.E.M.  Geo. V.  Cpl. W. Tweedie.  Loth. & Bord. H.
  Sold with three original identity discs. (NEF)£465

983.Group of Four
1914-15 Trio.  Sgt. W. Turner.  R.F.A.
T.F.E.M.  Geo. V.  Sgt. W. Turner  R.F.A. (GVF)£145

988.Group of Thirteen  -  Family Group  -  Father and Son.

1.  1914-15 Star.  A.H.F. Norman.  L.S.  R.N.
  B.W.M. and Victory.  Gnr. A.H.F. Norman R.N.
  1939-45, Atlantic, and Africa Stars. Defence and War Medals.
  Silver Jubilee Medal 1935.
  Messina Earthquake Medal 1908.
Sold with copy papers which show recipient as being commissioned (gunner) on 22-6-1918.
He was placed on the retired list on 31-12-1938, but was recalled on 19-9-1939  -  Lt. Cdr.

2.  1939-45 and Air Crew Europe Stars.  War Medal 1939-45  (Sgt A.J. Norman  R.A.F.)
  Sold with Flying Log Book (Observer) which shows Sgt. Norman, flying Blenheims, with 82 Sqn.,
  carrying out 5 missions before being listed “killed in action”. 
The Squadron’s operations record book lists Sgt. Norman and crew being killed in a crash after taking off on an operational sortie on 22-1-1941.
  Sold with condolence slip, and forwarding medal box addressed to father.   (EF) £915

1053.Group of Five
I.G.S.  1 Bar NWF 1935.  Bmbr. E.C. Wheeler.  R.A.
1939-45 and Africa Stars. War Medal 1939-45.
L.S.G.C.  Geo. V1 “Regular Army”  Bmbr. E.C. Wheeler  R.A.
   Recipient was K.I.A., aged 34 whilst serving as W.O. Cl. 1 with the R.E.M.E. Attd. L.A.D. 121 Army Field
Regt., R.A. on 14-11-1942, and is commemorated on the Alamein Memorial.(NEF)£285

1069.Group of Five
Defence and War Medals.
Queens Korea.  Major W.B. Hatcher.   U.N. Korea.
Coronation Medal 1953.
  Born 24-6-1918.  Commissioned 25-1-1941.  Major 13-6-1953.  Retired 28-3-1959.  Mounted as worn.  (NEF)£395

1070.Group of Eight
1939-45, Africa, and Italy Stars.  Defence and War Medals.
Queens Korea.  Sgt. J.S. Young.  Black Watch.U.N. Korea.
C.S.M.  1 Bar Borneo.  Sgt. J.G. Young  R.A.P.C.
Second initial differs, but service number is the same.  (EF)£450

1071.Group of Two
War Medal 1939-45
G.S.M.  Geo. V1.  2 Bars Malaya/Cyprus.  Bdr. R.L. Doyle  R.A.Mounted as worn.(NEF)£140

1072.Group of Five
1939-45 and Italy Stars.   Defence and war Medals.
G.S.M.  1 Bar Palestine 1945-48.  Pte. G.C.H. Gordon.  Foresters.
Medals in boxes of issue, together with covering letter forwarding G.S.M. to recipient. (EF) £130

1171.Group of Two
G.S.M.  1 Bar Malaya.  Eliz. 11.  Pte. D. Rodrigues.  A.C.C.
L.S.G.C. “Regular Army”  Eliz. 11.  W.O. Cl. 2.  D.J. Rodrigues.  A.C.C.  Mounted as worn.   (NEF) £135

1190.Group of Two
NATO Service Medal - Kosovo.
Operational Service Medal.  1 Bar Afghanistan.  Sgt. N. McAuslane.  Royal Marines.(NEF) £465

1219.Group of Two
Coronation 1887  -  with Bar ‘1897’  -  Metropolitan Police.  P.C.  H. Little. P. Divn.  (Camberwell)
Coronation 1902  -  Metropolitan Police.  P.C.  H. Little.  P. Divn.  Joined 1880.  Pension 1905. (NEF) £100

1220.Group of Three
Jubilee 1897 -  Metropolitan Police.  P.C.  G. Hillier.  C. Divn.
Coronation 1902  -  Metropolitan Police.  P.C.  G. Hillier.  C. Divn.
Coronation 1911  -  Metropolitan Police.  P.C.  G. Hillier.   (NEF) £125

1221.Group of Three
Jubilee 1897 -  Metropolitan Police.  P.C. C. Scammell.  V. Divn.
Coronation 1902  -  Metropolitan Police.  P.C.  C. Scammell.  X. Divn.
Coronation 1911  -  Metropolitan Police.  P.C.  C. Scammell.   (NEF) £125

1222.Group of Three
Jubilee 1897 -  Metropolitan Police.  P.C.  A. Masters.  L. Divn.
Coronation 1902  -  Metropolitan Police.  P.C.  A. Masters.  L. Divn.
Coronation 1911  -  Metropolitan Police.  P.C.  A. Masters.  (NEF) £125

1224.Group of Two
Coronation 1911
Territorial Force Efficiency Medal.  Edw. V11.  C/Sgt. T. Bailey.  5/L.N. Lanc. Regt.
   Recipient was K.I.A. on 14-10-1915. Mounted as worn. (GVF)£215

1235.Group of Two
B.W.M. and Victory.  Pte. G. Mills.  1st S.A.I.  (Bi-Lingual Victory Medal).
Memorial Plaque.  George Mills.
 Recipient was K.I.A. on 10-4-1918 whilst serving with 1st South African Infantry and is commemorated on
the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.  (Missing in action at Messines Ridge)   (NEF)£275 PHOTOS

1236.Group of Three
1914 Star Trio.  Pte. T. Reynolds.  1/Manchester R. 
Memorial Plaque.  Thomas Reynolds.
  Sold with original Memorial Scroll and covering letters forwarding medals to next of kin.  Recipient was K.I.A.
 aged 32, on 8-3-1916, and is commemorated on the Basra Memorial.  He resided in Ashton-under-Lyne.(NEF)£445

1237.Group of Three
1914-15 Trio.  Pte. E.R. Rolls.  Dorset R.
Memorial Plaque.  Ernest Ralph Rolls.
   Recipient D.O.W. in Gallipoli on 8-12-1915 with the 5th Bn., and is commemorated on the Helles Memorial.
Sold with M.I.C.   Plaque has small hole drilled in the top.(NEF)£335

1238.Group of Three
1914-15 Trio.  H. Peden.  A.B.  R.N.V.R.  K.I.A. Galllipoli, on 17-8-1915, serving with Howe Bn., R.N. Divn.,
and is buried in Lancashire Landing Cemetery, Helles.   Medals in boxes of issue. (NEF)£295

1319.Memorial Plaque.  Cecil Howard Perkins.  Lieut. C.H. Perkins was K.I.A. on 22-7-1918 serving with 2/Yorks
Regt., attached to Trench Mortar Battery.  Sold with head and shoulders photograph of recipient in uniform.  (NEF)£170

1320.Memorial Plaque.  Ralph Walker.   (GVF)£55

1327.1914 Star and Bar Trio.  Pte. S. Burston. 1/Devon R.  (Copy bar)(NEF)£175

1328.1914 Star and Bar Trio.  Pte. E.H. Hulse.  A.S.C.  (Copy bar) (GVF)£125

1330.1914 Star Trio.Pte. E.H.W. Trenough.  1/R. Scots Fus.   (NEF)£160

1331.1914 Star Trio.Pte. H.F. Chatfield.  18-Hussars.(NEF)£170

1332.1914 Star Trio.Pte. O.R. Harris.  1/Rifle Bde.   (NEF)£160

1333.1914 Star Trio.Pte. W.G. Elliott.  Yorks. L.I.   (GVF)£160

1334.1914 Star Trio.Pte. L.S. Hoggard.  Coldstream Gds.(NEF)£160

1335.1914 Star Trio.Pte. R. Davis.  2/York & Lanc. R.(NEF)£160

1336.1914 Star Trio.Pte. J. Field.  W. Riding R. (NEF)£160

1350.1914-15 Trio.  Pte. D.S. Grieve.  2-Scottish Horse. (NEF)£175

1376.B.W.M. & Victory. Pte. M. Kielty.  R.M.L.I.   (NEF)£40

1377.B.W.M. & Victory.  Pte. J. Halliwell.  The Queens R.(NEF)£36

1378.B.W.M. & Victory.  Pte. W. Morton.  The Queens R. (NEF)£36

1379.B.W.M. & Victory.  Wkr. H.D. Prosser.  Q.M.A.A.C.(NEF)£75

1380.B.W.M. & Victory.  Pte. F.J. Jarvis.  Middlesex R. (NEF)£36

1381.B.W.M. & Victory.  2/Lieut. N. Benton.  Mounted for display. (NEF)£70

1382.B.W.M. & Victory.  Lieut. J.D. Gray.  (R.A.M.C.  -  M.D.) (NEF)£75

1383.B.W.M. & Victory.  Pte. J.S. Gordon.  L.N. Lanc. R. (GVF)£36

1384.B.W.M. & Victory.  Pte. F. Clevely.  Worcester R. (NEF)£36

1385.B.W.M. & Victory.  Pte. G.W. Judd.  The Queens R. (NEF)£36

1386.B.W.M. & Victory.  Pte. B.J. Taylor.  Middlesex R.  (NEF)£36

1387.B.W.M. & Victory.  Pte. W.F. Garth.  Middlesex R.  (NEF)£36

1388.B.W.M. & Victory.  Pte. V. Schacht.  Middlesex R.   (NEF)£36

1389.B.W.M. & Victory.  Dvr. H. Thompson.  A.S.C.   (NEF)£25

1390.B.W.M. & Victory.  Dvr. A.E. Greene.  A.S.C. (NEF)£25

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