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  The complete medal list no. 149 which was sent out to subscribers is here to download in PDF format.

Campaign Medals.

Photos can be requested.

2.  Seringapatam Medal.  Silver.  48 mm.  The medal is in a silver fitted case with glass to the front and back, and has
  a ring and bar suspender.  It has what appears to be original ribbon with a three-claw pin buckle at the top, and a
  slide-on silver ornamental bar with “Seringapatam” embossed on it.  A very handsome piece. (EF)  £1685 PHOTOS

Naval General Service Medals

10.  N.G.S.  1 Bar Syria/  Edward Holt.  Recipient served as Pte. R.M. aboard HMS Powerful.  Pawnbroker’s mark
  at 3 o’clock on rim.  Edge knock at 7 o’clock on obverse.  (NEF)  £795  PHOTOS

20.  Punjab Medal 1848-49.  1 Bar Mooltan.  Joseph Pickering.  32nd Foot. Sold with copies of the regimental
  quarterly pay list which records recipient as having died on the 29th November 1848. (GVF)  £795  PHOTOS

44.  Indian Mutiny.  1 Bar Relief of Lucknow.  Ml. McGee.  82nd. Regt.  (NEF)  £535 PHOTOS

54.  China Medal 1857-60.  No Bar. Un-named as issued to R.N. (NEF)  £195 PHOTOS

60.  I.G.S.  1854  1 Nar Looshai.  Sepoy Nund Sing Lama.  44th Regt. N.I.  (NEF)  £515 PHOTOS

63.  I.G.S.  1854  1 Bar Burma 1885-7.  Sepoy Manbir Magar.  2nd Bn.  3rd Gurkha Regt. (GVF)  £185

64.  I.G.S.  1854  1 Bar Burma 1885-7.  Pte. J. Nuaton.  2n Bn.  R. Scots Fus.  (NEF)  £195

67.  I.G.S.  1854  1 Bar Hazara 1888.  Sepoy Mattar Sing Surung.  2nd Bn.  5th Gurkha Regt. (NVF)  £195

68.  I.G.S.  1854  1 Bar Hazara 1888.  Pte. F. Wran.  2nd Bn.  R. Sussex R. (NEF)  £225

75.  I.G.S.  1854  1 Bar Burma 1887-89.  Trooper Ghulam Dustgir Khan.  4th Cavy.  Hyderabad Contg. (GVF)  £185

76.  I.G.S.  1854  1 Bar Chin-Lushai 1889-90.  Pte. Luknac Gonac.  28th Bo. Infy.  (GVF)  £210

79.  I.G.S.  1854  1 Bar N.E. Frontier 1891.  Hospital Asst.  T.A. Muthusawmy.  Madras Medical Dept.  (NEF)  £190 PHOTOS

82.  I.G.S.  1854  1 Bar Lushai 1889-92.  Sepoy Dasarath Gurung.  Mily. Police Bn. (VF)  £415 PHOTOS

85.  I.G.S.  1854  1 Bar Waziristan 1894-5.  Nk. Pirthia Thapa.  1st Bn.  1st Burkhas. (NEF)  £195

86.  I.G.S.  1854  2 Bars Burma 1885-7/Burma 1887-89.  Pte. T. Johnston.  W. Surrey Regt.  Later style naming.  (NEF)  £215

96.  Ashantee. 1 Bar Coomassie.  A. Sisley  Pte., R.M.  HMS Active.  (VF)  £495 PHOTOS

101.  Afghanistan 1878-80. No Bar.  L/Cpl. H.J. Smith.  6th Dgn. Gds.  (VF)  £220

102.  Afghanistan 1878-80. No Bar.  Sepoy Chamoo Chand.  1st Goorkha Regt. (NVF)  £160

103.  Afghanistan 1878-80. No Bar.  Dfr. Shew Lall.  17th Bengal Cavy. (NVF)  £165

104.  Afghanistan 1878-80. No. Bar.  Cpl. G.O. Easter.  2/7th Foot. Enlisted 8-2-1881.  Sgt. 29-3-1882.  L/G
  30-6-1903 - “Conductor G.O. Easter to be Deputy-Assistant Commissary, and to have the honorary rank of
  Lieutenant.  Dated 4-2-1903”. (NEF)  £275

115.  Afghanistan 1878-80. 3 Bars Ali Musjid/Kabul/Kandahar.  Sepoy Lall Sing Negee.  4th Goorkha Regt. (NVF)  £435 PHOTOS

122.  Egypt  -  1 Bar El-Teb-Tamaai.  L/Cpl. J. Smith.  10th R. Hussars.  (NEF)  £365

123.  Egypt  -  1 Bar Suakin 1885.  L/Cpl. J. Faulks.  5th Lancers.  Shallow pitting.  102 medals to regiment.  (VF)  £285

124.  Egypt  -  1 Bar Suakin 1885.  Cpl. H. Moseley.  M.S. Corps.. Shallow pitting. (VF)  £240

125.  Egypt  -  1 Bar Suakin 1885.  Pte. F. Summer.  2/E. Surrey R. (GVF)  £295

129.  Egypt  -  2 Bars Suakin 1885/Tofrek.  H.T. Burchell.  Pte.  R.M.L.I.  Slight pitting. (VF)  £385

135.  Khedives Star 1882.  (NEF)  £100

141.  I.G.S.  1895.  3 Bars Pjb. Fr/Sam/Tirah.  Rifn. Nistinbir Nagarkoli.  2nd Bn.  2nd Goorkhas. (GVF)  £255

142.  I.G.S.  1895.  3 Bars Pjb. Fr/Samana/Tirah.  Gnr. J. Power.  11th Fd. Bty.  R.A.  Sold with copy papers. (NEF)  £325 PHOTOS

143.  I.G.S.  1895.  3 Bars Pjb. Fr/Sam/Tirah.  Gnr. J. Anderson.  9/M.B.  R.A.  Sold with copy papers.  (NEF)  £315

144.  I.G.S.  1895.  3 Bars Rel. of Thitral/Tirah/Pjb. Fr.  Pte. W. Knowles.  2nd Bn.  K.O. Sco. Bord.  Recipient was
  K.I.A. on 21-11-1897 at Bagh.  -  Gunshots to body.  (EF)  £1275

148.  I.G.S.  1895.  2 Bars Pjb. Fr/Tirah.  Ballak Ram.  Survey Dept.  (GVF)  £215

149.  I.G.S.  1895.  2 Bars Pjb. Fr/Tirah.  Pte. S. Foot.  1st Bn.  Dorset R.  Recipient died of Enteric fever at Cherat on
  27-7-1898, aged 25.  Sold with copy of death certificate and medal verification.  (EF)  £245

150.  I.G.S.  1895.  2 Bars Pjb. Fr/Tirah.  Pte. R. Thorne.  1st Bn.  Somerset Lt. Infy.  (GVF  £225

153.  I.G.S.  1895.  1 Bar Rel. of Chitral.  Pte. H. Shew.  2nd Bn.  Seaforth Highrs. (NEF)  £210

154.  I.G.S.  1895.  1 Bar Rel. of Chitral.  Bronze.  Muleteer Markoo.  Comst. & Transpt. Dept.  (NEF)  £145 PHOTOS

162.  I.G.S.  1895.  1 Bar Waziristan 1901-2.  Nk. Huarabir Thapa.  1st Bn.  2nd Goorkhas.
Loose suspender, somewhat polished.  (GF)  £135

163.  Ashanti Star 1896.  Un-named as issued.  (NEF)  £235 PHOTOS

169.  Khedives Sudan. No Bar.  Pte. J. Smith.  5th Fusrs. (NEF)  £195

170.  Khedives Sudan. Pte. R. Lisle.  1st Sea. Highrs.  Sold with copy of roll which lists recipient as deceased.  (Researcher’s report states “killed”)  Roll shows entitlement to “Atbara” clasp.  (NEF)  £245

Queen's South Africa Medal

186.  Q.S.A. 4 Bars CC/OFS/SA’01/SA’02.  Checker G. Kinton.  A.S.C.   £255

194.  Q.S.A. 2 Bars CC/OF.  Tpr. E.J. Brownings.  1/Life Guards.  (NEF)  £250

195.  Q.S.A. 2 Bars CC/OFS.  Pte. A. Prescott.  1st Camn. Highrs.  Recipient died of disease at Kroonstad on   21-12-1900. (NEF)  £210

196.  Q.S.A. 2 Bars OFS/SA’01.  W.A. Tomlin.  F.I.D.  (Field Intelligence Dept.) (NEF)  £215

197.  Q.S.A. 2 Bars TVL/SA’01.  Pte. A. Honeyman.  Gordon Highrs.  Verified.  (GVF)  £135

208.  Q.S.A. 1 Bar Natal.  Pte. S. Strain.  Gordon Highrs.  (EF)  £175

Africa General Servcice Medal

226.  A.G.S.  1 Bar Somaliland 1902-04.  A.W. Spurling.  Sgt.  R.M.  HMS Perseus. (GVF)  £205

227.  A.G.S.  1 Bar Kenya.  Rfn. R.R. Baigent.  R.B.  (Rifle Brigade)  (NEF)  £145

232.  A.G.S.  2 Bars Somaliland 1902-04/Jidballi.  Sepoy Megh Singh.  Bikanir Camel Corps. (VF)  £330

235.  Tibet 1903-4. No Bar.  Bronze.  Baidar Mahadhoj Subba.  S. & T. Corps.  (NEF)  £125

236.  Tibet 1903-4. No. Bar.  Silver.  Rifm. Hemantey Rana.  8th Gurkha Rifles. (VF)  £365

237.  Tibet 1903-4. 1 Bar Gyantse.  Silver.  L/Nk. Ahmed.  24th P.M. Corps.  (GVF)  £495

251.  1914 Star. Cpl. H. Taylor.  2/Notts & Derby R. (NEF)  £90

252.  1914 Star. Spr. F. Jones.  R.E.  Recipient was K.I.A., aged 34, with 17th Field Coy on 1-11-1914, and is commemorated on the Le Touret Memorial.  (NEF)  £135

254.  1914-15 Star.  Sepoy Khushi Hohd.  92/Punjabis. (GVF)  £28

255.  1914-15 Star.  Dvr. Feroze.  7/Mule Corps.  (GVF)  £28

256.  1914-15 Star.  Pte. W.C. James.  R.A.M.C.  Recipient D.O.W., aged 23, with 3rd (Welsh) F.A. on 19-4-1917,
  and is buried in Kantara War Memorial Cemetery.  He resided in Port Tennant, Swansea.  (NEF)  £60

330.  I.G.S.  1 Bar NWF 1908.  Sowar Umhojo Khan.  21st Cavalry.  Loose suspender. (VF)  £105

333.  I.G.S.  1 Bar Afghan NWF 1919.  Gnr. A.S. Parker.  R.A. (NEF)  £80

334.  I.G.S.  1 Bar Afghan NWF 1919.  Dvr. A. Binns.  R.A. (EF)  £80

346.  I.G.S.  1 Bar Malabar 1921-22.  Pte. L. Frowley.  Dorset R.  (NEF)  £205

353.  I.G.S.  1 Bar NWF 1930-31.  Pte. P. Swan.  Seaforth. (NEF)  £100

354.  I.G.S.  1 Bar Burma 1930-32.  Sepoy Shamande Rai.  Res. Bn.  B.M.P.  (NEF)  £95

361.  I.G.S. 2 Bars Burma 1930-32/NWF 1935.  Sepoy Rostan Khan.  2-15 Punjab R.  Obverse heavily polished. (GF)  £85

Naval General Service Medal

365.  N.G.S. 1 Bar Persian Gulf 1909-1914.  W. Glen.  Sto. 1. Cl.  HMS Highflyer. Recipient was K.I.A., on 22-9-1914
  serving on HMS Cressy. (GVF)  £255

367.  N.G.S. 1 Bar Minesweeping 1945-51.  A. Knight.  Sto. Mech.  R.N. (NEF)  £195

General Service Medal

371.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Iraq.  Dvr. R.J. Hissey.  R.A. (NEF)  £100

372.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Iraq.  Sepoy Muhammad Khan.  52-Sikhs.  (NEF)  £75

378.  G.S.M. 1 Bar N.W. Persia.  Dvr. Chur Singh.  R.A. (GVF)  £85

379.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Palestine.  Pte. I. Dewar. A. & S.H. (NEF)  £150

383.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Palestine 1945-48.  Pte. R. Stubbs.  A.A.C.  (Army Air Corps.)  (NEF)  £265

384.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Palestine 1945-48.  Pte. J..M. Woodland.  A.T.S. (NEF)  £180

419.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Malaya.  Eliz.11.  Capt. L.W. Crawford.  R.A.E.C. (NEF)  £195

420.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Malaya.  Eliz.11.  Tpr. G. Pendry.  12-Lancers. (EF)  £100

421.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Malaya.  Eliz.11.  Capt. J.C. Clark.  Q.A.R.A.N.C.  (NEF)  £295

422.  G.S.M. 1 Bar Cyprus.  L.A.C.  D.H. Gallimope.  R.A.F.  (EF)  £60

443.  I.G.S. 1936-39.  1 Bar NWF 1936-37.  Rfm. Pahalman Gurung.  2-6 Gurkha R. (VF)  £44

466.  Queens Korea.  Pte. M.M. Appleby.  D.L.I.  (1st type)  (NEF)  £275 PHOTOS

Campaign service Medal

471.  C.S.M. 1 Bar Borneo.  R.J. Wilson.  R.E.M.I.  R.N. (EF)  £75

472.  C.S.M. 1 Bar South Arabia.  Gdsm. A. Thomas.  Welsh Gds.  (EF)  £120

473.  C.S.M. 1 Bar South Arabia.  Gdsm. L. Bedford.  Coldstream Gds. (EF)  £120

476.  C.S.M. 1 Bar N. Ireland.  A.O.M. (EW) 1.  M.J.F. Butler.  R.N. (NEF)  £80

477.  C.S.M. 1 Bar N. Ireland.  Fus. B.A. Austin.  R.H.F. (NEF)  £80

478.  C.S.M. 1 Bar N. Ireland.  Pte. A.R. Horspall  P.W.O.  (NEF)  £80

479.  C.S.M. 1 Bar N. Ireland.  Mne.  P. Connors  R.M.  (NEF)  £150

480.  C.S.M. 1 Bar N. Ireland.  Pte. J. Leeming.  Q.L.R. (NEF)  £80

507.  Gulf Medal  -  Bar 6 Jan to 28 Feb. 1991.  Gdsm. N.P. Berry.  Coldstream Gds. (Replacement)  (NEF)  £145

508.  Saudi Arabian Medal for the Liberation of Kuwait.  (EF)  £20

509.  Kuwaiti Liberation Medal.  Fourth Grade.  (NEF)  £20

Orders & Decorations

Photos can be requested

521.  Royal Victorian Order - Lieutenant  (L.V.O.)  Breast Badge numbered 606.  In fitted Collingwood Case (No. 338) (NEF)  £375

528.  Royal Red Cross.  2nd class  (A.R.R.C.)  G. V.  In fitted case of issue.  (NEF)  £185

549.  Military Medal (M.M.)  Geo. V. with Second Award Bar.  Pte.. J. Bryant.  2/9 London R. M.M. - L/G 10-11-1917.
  Bar - L/G 14-5-1919.  Sold with 1939-45 Star, France and Germany Star, and War Medal, together with  condolence
  slip named to Fluing Officer D.J. Bryant, contained in forwarding box addressed to J. Bryant Esq., Fulham.
  Fg. Off. Bryant was Navigator on Halifax No. MX 636 of 78 Sgn., RAF Breighton, detailed to attack Juvisy
  behind the German lines covering the allied beach-head, on 7th June 1944.  He was killed when his aircraft was
  shot down, and is buried in Bretigny-Sur-Orge Communal Cemetery, Essonne, France. (NEF)  £935

Meritorious Service & Long Service Medals

Photos can be requested

609.  M.S.M.  Geo. V.  1st type.  Pte-A/Cpl. S. Roberts.  R.A.M.C.  L/G 3-6-1919. (NEF)  £195

620.  Army L.S.G.C. Victoria  -  Large letter reverse.  Sgt. Robt. Comeskey.  48th Regt. 1853.  Replacement bar suspender   (GVF)  £310

621.  Army L.S.G.C. Victoria  -  Large letter reverse.  Sgt. Arthur Rowland Coldstream Gds. Replacement bar suspender
     (GVF)  £315

622.  Army L.S.G.C. Victoria  -  Large letter reverse.  W. McFarlin.  Gunner & Driver Royal Artillery.  Early type
  clip and bar suspender.  (NEF)  £250

623.  Army L.S.G.C. Victoria  -  Large letter reverse.  Sgt. J. McCully.  Rl. Arty.  (GVF)  £235

634.  Army L.S.G.C. Victoria.  Tp Sgt. Major D. Craig  7th Dn. Gds.  Copy papers.  Enlisted 1859 discharged 1880 (NEF)  £185

635.  Army L.S.G.C. Victoria.  Qr. Mr. Sgt. J. Gibson.  R. Scots Fus.  (NEF)  £175

637.  Army L.S.G.C. Victoria.  M. Mahoney.  70th Regt.  (NEF)  £150

638.  Army L.S.G.C. Victoria.  Sgt. W. Walsh.  31st Foot.  (GVF)  £150 PHOTOS

640.  Army L.S.G.C. Victoria.  I. Cl. Sgt. Inst.  H. Riches.  Gymn. Staff.  (NEF)  £195

641.  Army L.S.G.C. Victoria.  Army Schoolmaster J. Wroughton.  R.A.  (NEF)  £265

642.  Army L.S.G.C. Edw. V11.  Sub. Condr.  C. Collins.  P.W. Dept. (EF)  £85

643.  Army L.S.G.C. Edw. V11.  Indian issue.  Sepoy Buta Singh.  122nd Rajputana Infy.  (VF)  £100

644.  Army L.S.G.C. Geo. V.  1st type.  Dvr. M. Green.  A.S.C. (NEF)  £55

645.  Army L.S.G.C. Geo. V.  1st type.  Sub. Condtr.  J.E. Curtis.  S. & T. Corps.  (NEF)  £85

646.  Army L.S.G.C..  Geo. V.  1st type.  Pte. A.J. Clevely.  Gloucester R. (GVF)  £70

744.  Efficiency Medal.  “Territorial”  Geo. V1.  1st  type.  Cpl. H.J.R. Thatcher.  R.A.S.C.  (NEF)  £48

746.  Efficiency Medal.  “Territorial”  Geo. V1.  1st type.  Sgt. G.F. Pearce.  R. Fus. (EF)  £70

747.  Efficiency Medal.  “Territorial”  Geo. V1.  2nd type.  Cfn. B.J. Drew.  R.E.M.E. (NEF)  £47

748.  Efficiency Medal.  “Territorial”  Eliz. 11.  S/Sgt. R. Carslaw.  M.P.S.C.  In box of issue. (EF)  £125

749.  Efficiency Medal.  “T. & A.V.R.”  Eliz. 11.  -  with extra service bar.  Pte. E.V. Bletsoe  Q.A.R.A.N.C.  (NEF)  £460

756.  R.N.R. Decoration.  Geo. V.  Mounted for wear.  (NEF)  £240

757.  R.N.R.  LSGC Edw. V11.  J. Davy.  Sean.  1. Cl.  R.N.R.  (NEF)  £85

758.  R.N.R.  LSGC  Geo. V. 1st type.  B. Benefer.  Smn.  R.N.R.  (NEF  £60

761.  Royal Ulster Constabulary Service Medal.  R/Const. C.J. Heaney.  In fitted Royal Mint case of issue. (EF)  £225 PHOTOS

764.  Imperial Service Medal.  Eliz. 11.  1st type.  George Edward Franklin.  (NEF)  £18

799.  British Fire Services Association Long Service.  Bronze.  Original ribbon S. Bassett. (EF)  £45

800.  Kings African Rifles LSGC  Geo. V.  Crowned Head.  Sgnlr.  Daudi Bworga.  Sgnl. Sec.  K.A. Rifles.  (VF)  £365 PHOTOS

Jubilee, Coronations, Visits etc.

808.  Coronation 1911  -  County and Borough Police.  Un-named as issued.  (NEF)  £86

809.  Coronation 1911  -  Police Ambulance Service.  G.P. Simmons.  Only 130 medals with this reverse issued. (NEF)  £950

Groups of Medals, Memorial Plaques & Pairs.

"Photos can be requested"

823.  Group of Eight
  Order of the British Empire - Officer  (O.B.E.)  2nd type.  Military.
  B.W.M. and Victory.  S. Lt. F.A. Matson.  R.N.R.
  Mercantile Marine War Medal.  Frederick A. Matson.
  1939-45 and Atlantic Stars.  Defence and War Medals.
  O.B.E.  -  L/G 2-6-1943  -  “Acting Temporary Lieutenant -Commander R.N.R.”  Sold with a contemporary
  newspaper cutting which states “During the heavy blitz on Hull two years ago when the enemy was laying mines in
  the Humber, Lt. Cdr. Matson was in command of a minesweeper.  His valuable work made it possible to keep the
  Hull roads, dock entrances, and the New Holland ferry crossing, clear of mines.
 Once he had a miraculous escape from death when his ship was mined during these operations.  Blown from
  the upper bridge, he dropped on the lower fore deck, injuring both his legs, and fracturing several ribs.  Lt. Cdr.
  Matson sank with his ship, and was laid unconscious on the deck, but fortunately the cold water revived him, and,
  being an expert swimmer, he managed to get to the surface and was rescued.
 Sold with original British Mercantile Marine Identity and Service Certificate and box of issue for W.W.2.
  Medals.  W.W.1. Medals mounted as worn.  (NEF)  £785

824.  Group of Seven
  Order of the British Empire - Officer  (.B.E.  2nd type.  Civil.
  1914-15 Trio.  Cpl. J.P. Morrison  A.S>C.  (Pte on Star)
  Coronation Medal 1937. Coronation Medal 1953.
  Meritorious Service Medal  (M.S.M.)  Geo. V.  1st type.  Cpl. J.P. Morrison.  R.A.S.C.  (/G 18-1-1919)
 The roll for the 1953 Coronation Medal lists “J.P. Morrison O.B.E. Town Clerk Paisley.”  Mounted as worn  (NEF)  £575

825.  Group of Four
  Order of the British Empire - Member  (M.B.E.)  1st type.  Civil.
  1914-15 Trio  (M.I.D.)  J. Chatterton  B.R.C. & St. J.J.
 M.B.E. - L/G 8-1-1919 - “Mrs.. Julia Chatterton.  Red Cross Work, Egypt.”
 M.I.D.  - L/G 12-1-1918 - “Mrs. J. Chatterton.  Cairo Voluntary Aid Detachment”.
  Recipient was a member of the Cairo V.A.D. No. 2.  Promoted to Section Leader V.A.D. 1916.  Red Cross
  Kitchen Organisation for Cairo and District.  Superintendent of Red Cross work at Boulac Dakrour Convalescent
  Depot. Mounted as worn. (NEF)  £750

826.  Group of Four
  Order of the British Empire - Member  (M.B.E.)  2nd type - Civil.
  1914-15 Trio.  A.K.A. Lockie.  A.B.  R.N.V.R.
 M.B.E. - L/G 1-1-1962  -  “A.K.A. Lockie Esq.  Head of Plumberwork Section, Ship Drawing Officer,
  Alexander Stephen and Sons Ltd., Glasgow.
  Sold with copy of “In-House” magazine reporting award and giving career details, various photographs, and
  M.B.E. in case of issue.  (EF)  £435

848.  Group of Two
  Distinguished Service Medal  (D.S.M.  Geo. V.  F. Rendall.  C.E.R.A.  1. Cl.  HMS Orion.  31 May-1 June 1916.
  R.N.  LSGC  Geo. V.  1st type.  Frederick Rendall  C.E.R.A.  2. Cl.  HMS Bristol.
 D.S.M. - L/G 15-9-1916.  Battle of Jutland Award.  (NEF)  £1350

856.  Group of Three
  Military Medal  (M.M.)  Geo. V.  Pte. J.H. Wright.  R.A.M.C.
  B.W.M. and Victory.  Pte. J.H. Wright.  R.A.M.C.
  M.M. - L/G 14-5-1919  -  Battle of the Canal Du Nord.
 “For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty on 27 Sept. 1918 near Marquion.  When his squad had been  blown up by a shell, although himself severely shocked, he tended the remainder of the squad who had become
  casualties, in spite of heavy shell fire, and brought them into the aid post.  His coolness without doubt saved the  lives of his comrades.  Afterwards he continued stretcher bearing for many hours”.
  Recipient resided in Leeds and first landed in France after Jan. 1916. (NEF)  £475

857.  Group of Six
  Military Medal  (M.M.)  Geo. V.  -  with Second Award Bar  Pte. A. Charlton  19/F.A.  R.A.M.C.
  Order of St. John - Serving Brother.
  1914-15 Trio.  Pte. A. Charlton.  R.A.M.C.
  S.J.A.B. Long Service - with three extra service bars.  Cpl. A. Charlton M.M.  L. Hulton Dvn.  Ellse No. 4 Dist.
  S.J.A.B. 1924.  (GVF)  £1550

859.  Group of Four
  Military Medal  (M.M.)  Geo. V.  Cpl. I.A.. Joy.  1/R. Sco. Fus.
  1914-15 Trio.  Cpl. I.A. Joy  R.S. Fus.  (Pte on Star)  Somewhat polished.  Mounted for display. (VF)  £645

861.  Group of Three
  Military Medal  (M.M.)  Geo. V.  Sgt. W.H. Cook.  136/Hy. By.  R.G.A.
  B.W.M. and Victory.  Sgt. W.H. Cook  R.A.
 Sold with copy of L/G entry (18-7-1917), M.I.C., and “M.M.” award slip. (NEF)  £450

881.  Group of Five
  Military Medal  (M.M.)  Geo. V1.  Fus. G. Weir.  R.S. Fus.  (4/5th Bn.)
  1939-45 and France and Germany Stars. Defence and War Medals.
L/G 21-6-1945  -  “At Alpon (1531) on 8 Mar ‘45 Fus. Weir was a sniper attached to “C” Coy 4/5 Royal Scots  Fusiliers.  This company had the task of clearing the town when the other three companies had got into positions round the outside.
Throughout the whole operation which lasted nearly 9 hours this company was subjected to heavy and accurate artillery, mortar and machine-gun fire.  At one stage of the battle it was vitally important to get an order to a forward platoon from company H.Q.  Fusilier Weir immediately volunteered to take the message in spite of the fact that he knew he would have to cross absolutely open ground in full view and within very close range of the enemy.  Not only did Fus. Weir take this message, but five others, and the last time on his way back he stopped  while under fire and carried a wounded fusilier on his back and brought him to safety. The very gallant conduct of this fusilier not only very materially assisted towards the success of the operation, but also very probably saved the life of a comrade.” (NEF)  £2225

887.  Group of Ten
  Royal Victorian Medal  (R.V.M.)  Geo. V.  Silver
  Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897  -  Bronze.
  Edward V11 Coronation 1902 - Bronze
  Geo. V. Coronation 1911
  Royal Household Faithful Service Medal Geo. V.  1910-1930.  A. Pryor.
  Portugal -  Don Carlos.1.  Coronation 28-12-1889  -  Bronze.
  Persia -  Medal of the Order of the Lion and Sun.  Silver.
  France  -  Medal of Honour  -  Reverse embossed ‘1908’.
  Greece -  Cross of the Order of Military Merit  -  Peacetime issue.
  Life Saving Cross (silver)  Reverse engraved “Life-saving C.L.SS.C.  1912  A.H. Pryor”.  (NEF)  £1145 PHOTOS

890.  Group of Five
  British Empire Medal  (B.E.M.)  Geo. V1 - Military.  Shpt. 4 Cl. Hugh Wallace  R.N
  1939-45 and Africa and Italy Stars.  War Medal 1939-45.
  B.E.M. - L/G 11-12-1945  -  Coastal Force Base, Miraglia.  -  “This rating has completed 26 months of
  outstanding service with Coastal Force Craft in the Mediterranean during which time he has never from his untiring
  efforts to keep the boats at sea.  He has worked long extra hours without being asked to, in order to turn out the
  craft for the Coastal Force Operations in the Adriatic.  He has earned, by his ability and industry, the admiration of
  every commanding officer on whose boat he has worked.  He is always cheerful and read to encourage others.
  It would be impossible for any rating to make greater efforts to maintain the efficiency and fighting power of the
  service.  (NEF)  £475

905.  Group of Seven
  Baltic Medal.  Un-named as issued.
  Crimea medal.  2 Bars Sebastopol/Azoff.  W. Pitman. 1st Lieut.  R.M.A.  (naming in contemporary engraved capitals)
  China medal 1857-60  1 Bar Taku Forts 1860.  Un-named as issued.
  Volunteer Officer’s Decoration (hallmarked 1892)  -  Complete with top pin bar.
  France - Legion D’Honneur - Knight.
  Turkey - Order of the Medjidieh - 5th class.
  Turkish Crimea Medal - British issue - un-named as issued.
 Recipient served in the Baltic in July and August 1854, and subsequently in 1854 before Sebastopol until its
  fall, and was in command of a mortar in the Flotilla employed during the siege, occupation of the sea of Azoff,
  bombardment of Taganrog, and destruction of ships, stores, etc. there.  Also at Mariouupol and other towns on
  the coast where he landed.  He was also in the mortar Flotilla at the bombardment and surrender of Kinburn.
 He proceeded to China in 1860 and served with the Rocket Flotilla during the bombardment of Taku Forts and
  later with the heavy siege train, transporting the siege guns from Taku to Pekin.
 He was mentioned in despatches twice shilst serving in the Crimea  -  L/G 28-6-1855 and 22-9-1855. 
  2/Lieut 1-7-1852.  1/Lieut 24-2-1854.  Captain 27-3-1862.  He retired on half pay on 7-2-1870 and on 8-2-1870 was
  appointed adjutant 1st Glamorgan Artillery Volunteers.  Hon. Major 9-9-1879, Hon. Lt. Colonel 2-9-1889.  He was
  awarded the Volunteer Officers Decoration per L/G 6-12-1892.  (Major and Hon. Lt. Colonel William Pitman
  retired.  2nd Glamorganshire).  Died March 1919.  (VF/NEF)  £1995 PHOTOS

930.  Group of Four
  Abyssinia.  H. Watt  26th Regt.
  Egypt 1882  No Bar.  Q.M. Sgt. H. Watt.  Staff Clerk
  L.S.G.C.  Victoria.  Qr. Mr. Sgt. H. Watt.  General Staff.   Khedives Star 1882  (NVF)  £785

931.  Group of Four
  Ashantee 1873-74.  Surgeon J.F. Beattie.
  Afghanistan 1878-80.  1 Bar Kandahar.  Surgn. Major J.F. Beattie.  A.M. Dept.
  Egypt 1882.  1 Bar Tel-El-Kebir.  Surgn. Major A.M.D. Khedives Star 1882.
  A.S. Staff 30-9-1863.  79 Ft. 20-9-1864.  Staff 16-12-1871.  A.M.D. s. 30-9-1863.  S.M. 28-4-1876.  Brig. S.
  27-6-1888.  R.P. 31-5-1890.  Designation of his departmental rank altered to Brig. S. Lt. Col. by L/G notification
  of 17-10-1893.  Brev. Colonel 3-6-1917.  (NEF)  £1495

932.  Group of Three
  Afghanistan 1878-80.  1 Bar Ahmed Knel.  Sepoy Dhunbeer Thappa.  3rd Goorkha Regt.
  I.G.S. 1854.  2 Bars Samana 1891/Waziristan 1894-5.  Sepoy Dhanbir Thappa.  1st Bn.  3rd Gurkha Regt.
  L.S.G.C. - Victoria - Indian issue.  Naick Dhanbir Thapa.  1st Bn. 3rd Gurkha Regt. (VF)  £595

935.  Group of Two
  Afghanistan 1878-80.  No Bar.  Lieut. D.J.O. Taylor.  1/25th Regt.
  I.G.S. 1854.  2 Bars Samana 1891/Waziristan 1894-5.  Capt. D.J.O. Taylor.  6th Pjb. Infy.
  Sold with copy group photographs in which Capt. Taylor is identified. Born 1859.  Commissioned 1-5-1878.
  Lt. Colonel 22-6-1905.  Retired 22-6-1906. Mounted as worn.
  Sold with contemporary set of miniatures - both pairs in a glass fronted display case.  (GVF)  £765 PHOTOS

937.  Group of Two
  Egypt.  1 Bar The Nile 1884-5.  Pte. W. Robinson.  1/Cameron Highrs.
  Khedives Star 1884.  (NEF)  £385

938.  Group of Two
  Egypt 1882.  No Bar  Sgt. J. Morse.  7/1 N.D.  R.A.
  Khedives Star 1882.  Copy papers. Minor pitting. (GVF)  £245

939.  Group of Two
  Egypt 1882.  2 Bars Suakin 1885/Tel-El-Kebir.  Pte. J. Wooding  2 Gren. Gds. 
  Khedives Star 1882.  J. Wooding  6587. Pitting.  (NVF  £395 PHOTOS

946.  Group of Two
  East and West Africa.  1 Bar Benin River 1894.  J.P. Fagan.  M.D.  Niger Coast Prot.
  A.G.S.  1 Bar Aro. 1901-1902.  Doctor J.P. Fagan.  Aro F.E.
 Recipient was serving as District Medical Officer stationed in Bonny at the beginning of the Aro Campaign. (NEF)  £1785

951.  Group of Three
  Queens Sudan.  Pte. W. McBean.  1/Seaforth Highrs.
  Q.S.A.  5 Bars CC/OFS/TVL/SA’01/SA’02.  Pte. W.  McBean.  Sea. Highrs.
  Khedives Sudan.  2 Bars The Atbara/Khartoum.  Pte. W. McBean.  1st Sea. Highrs.  (NEF)  £835

952.  Group of Three
  Queens Sudan.  Pte. J. Roach.  2/Lancashire Fus.
  Q.S.A.  4 Bars  CC/OFS/TVL/Laing’s Nek.  Pte. J. Roach.  Lanc. Fus.
  Khedives Sudan.  1 Bar Khartoum.  Pte.. J. Roach.  2nd L.F.  (NEF)  £775

958.  Group of Four
  Q.S.A.  5 Bars  CC/OFS/TVL/SA’01/SA’02.  Pte. A. Phillips.  Rl. Sussex Regt.
  1914-15 Trio.  Sgt. A. Phillips.  R. Sussex R.  Mounted for wear. (NEF)  £245

959.  Group of Four
  Q.S.A.  No Bar.  W. Halloran.  Boy 1. Cl.  HMS Dwarf.
  1914-15 Trio.  Bosun W.. Halloran.  R.N.  (NEF)  £295

962.  Group of Three
  Q.S.A.  5 Bars CC/Tug. Hts/OFS/Rel. of L’Smith/TVL.  Sgt. A. Perry.  2nd Rl. Fus.
  K.S.A.  Usual Two Bars.  Cr. Sgt. A. Perry.  Rl. Fusiliers.
  L.S.G.C.  Edw. V11.  C/Sgt. R.S. Perry.  Rl. Fus.  Contact marks. (NVF)  £360

963.  Group of Four
  Q.S.A.  8 Bars  CC/Tug. Hts/OFS/Rel of L’Smith/TVL/L. Nek/SA’01/SA’02.  Pte.. J.H. Nosworthy.  R.A.M.C.
  1914-15 Trio.  Sgt. .J.H. Nosworthy  R.A.M.C..  Mounted as worn.  Toned.  (  £795

991.  Group of Two
  N.G.S.  1 Bar Persian Gulf 1909-1914.  J.J. Freeman.  Ldg. Sign.  HMS Prosperine.
  R.F.R.  LSGC.  Geo. V.  1st type.  J.J. Freeman.  Yeo. Sigs.  R.F.R.
  A pin has been fixed to the back of the N.G.S. bar to stop it “swinging” when worn.  (NEF)  £215

997.  Group of Four
  1914-15 Star.  Paymaster R.J.D. Bishop.  R.N.R.
  B.W.M. and Victory.  Payr. Lt.-Cdr. R.J.D. Bishop.
  R.N.R. Decoration  -  Geo. V. Mounted as worn.  (NEF)  £395

998.  Group of Four
  B.W.M. ad Victory  (M.I.D.)  Dvr. .J. Lawrence  A.S.C.
  Terr. Force War Medal.  Pte. .J.A. Lawrence  A.S.C.
  T.F.E.M.  Geo. V.  J.A. Lawrence.  R.A.S.C.
 M.I.D. - L/G 12-1-1920.  Sold with M.I.C.  Mounted as worn. (NEF)  £355

1003.  Group of Three
  B.W.M. and Victory.  E.A. Reeves.  Tel. Dept.
  Vol. Force Long Service.  Geo. V.  Bombdr.  E.A. Reeves.  Lucknow A.F.  Mounted as worn.  (GVF)  £135

1004.  Group of Four
  1914 Star and Bar Trio.  Pte. W. Watt.  8/R. Scots.  (“slide-on” type bar)
  Terr. Efficy. Medal.  Geo. V.  Pte.-L/Cpl. W.R. Watt.  8-R. Scots.  Mounted as worn. (NEF)  £410

1008.  Group of Nine
  B.W.M. and Victory.  Capt. R.A. Warters.
  I.G.S.  1 Bar NWF 1937-39.  Lt. Col. R.A. Warters.  I.M.S.
  1939-45 and Pacific Stars.  War Medal 1939-45.  India Service Medal 1939-45
  Silver Jubilee Medal 1935.  Coronation Medal 1937. 
  Recipient was taken P.O.W. by the Japanese at the Fall of Singapore.  (NEF)  £795

1009.  Group of Four
  1914 Star and Bar Trio.  (“slide-on” type bar)  Pte. G. Williamson.  Leicester Yeomanry.
  Territorial Efficiency Medal (T.E.M.)  Geo. V.  Sgt. G. Williamson.  Leic. Yeo. Mounted as worn.  (NEF)  £495

1071.  Group of Two     G.S.M.  1 Bar Iraq.  Gnr. J.J. Scoging.  R.A.
  L.S.G.C.  “Regular Army”  Geo. V.  2nd type.  Sgt. J.J. Scoging.  R.A.  (NEF)  £145

1072.  Group of Three
  I.G.S.  1 Bar Afghan NWF 1919.  T-Sgt. J.N. Ross.  S.T.C. Coronation Medal 1937.
  Efficiency Medal “India”  Geo. V.  Cpl. J.N. Ross.  Punjab Rifles.  A.F.I. (NEF)  £195

1074.  Group of Four
  I.G.S.  1 Bar NWF 1930-31.  Sigmn. Sadar Ud Din.  I.S.C.
  1939-45 and Pacific Stars. War Medal 1939-45.
  Recipient was K.I.A., aged 35, whilst serving with the Indian Signals Corps in Malaya on 28-1-1942 and is
  commemorated on the Singapore (unmaintable graves) Memorial, Singapore.  (VF)  £220

1076.  Group of Four
  I.G.S.  1 Bar Burma 1930-32,  Cpl. A.E. Weeks.  Ox. & Bucks L.I.
  1939-45 Star. Defence and War Medals. Mounted as worn.  (NEF)  £225

1089.  Group of Six
  N.G.S.  2 Bars Palestine 1936-1939/Minesweeping 1945-51.  S.F. Fisher.  A/L.S. R.N.
  1939-45, Atlantic, and Africa Stars. War Medal.
  R.N.  LSGC  Geo. V1.  1st type.  S.F. Fisher.  P.O.  HMS Kilele.  Mounted as worn.  (NEF)  £410

1090.  Group of Six
  N.G.S.  1 Bar Palestine 1936-1939.  H. Butcher  P.O.  Ck.  R.N.
  1939-45, Atlantic, and Africa Stars.  War Medal.
  R.N.  LSGC  Geo. V.  Coinage head.  H. Butcher.  P.O. Ck.  HMS Delhi. Mounted as worn.  (NEF)  £275

1093.  Group of Six
1939-45 and Atlantic (France & Germany) Stars. War Medal.
N.G.S.  2 Bars Palestine 1945-48/Malaya  (second bar loose)  A.J.S. Franks.  E.M.I.  R.N. 
U.N. Korea.
R.N.  LSGC  Eliz. 11  2nd type.  A.J.S. Franks.  L.E.M.  HMS Phoenicia.
HMS Phoenicia was a small craft based in Malta.  (NEF)  £335

1094.  Group of Six
  1939-45 Atlantic (France & Germany), and Burma Stars.  Defence and War Medals.
  N.G.S. - 1 Bar Malaya.  Eliz. 11.  1st type.  S.E. Coe.  A.B.  R.N.  Mounted as worn.  (NEF)  £335

1096.  Group of Five
  1939-45 and Italy Stars.  Defence and War Medals.
  Efficiency Medal “Territorial”  Geo. V1.  2nd type.  Sub. A.R. Thomson  A.T.S. Mounted as worn.  (NEF)  £155

1098.  Group of Seven
  1939-45 and France & Germany Stars.  Defence and War Medals.
  G.S.M.  1 Bar Malaya.  Eliz. 11.  Lieut. D. McPhail.  R.A.M.C.
  C.S.M.  1 Bar Malay Peninsular.  Capt. D.J. McPhail.  R.A.M.C.
  L.S.G.C. “Regular Army”  Eliz. 11  2nd type.  W.O. Cl. 1.  D. McPhail  R.A.M.C.
 W.O. Cl. 1  -  2-3-1953.  Lieut.  -  14-1-1951.  Capt.  -  3-3-1960  (NEF)  £425

1099.  Group of Four
1939-45 and Africa Stars.
War Medal 1939-4
C.S.M.  2 Bars South Arabia/Radfan.  Dvr. K. Law.  R.A.S.C. (second bar possibly a copy)  (NEF)  £110 

1100.  Group of Five
  1939-45, and Italy Stars.   Defence and War Medals.
  L.S.G.C.  Eliz. 11  1st type “Regular Army”.  Bdr. E. George.  R.A.  Mounted as worn. (NEF)  £100

1101.  Group of Four
  1939-45, and Italy Stars.  War Medal 1939-45.
  G.S.M.  2 Bars Palestine 1945-48/Malaya.  Tpr. P. Downham.  R. Tanks.    Sold with corresponding miniatures. Mounted as worn.  (NEF)  £215

1102.  Group of Seven
  1939-45, Africa, Italy, and France and Germany Stars. Defence and War Medals.
  G.S.M.  1 Bar Palestine 1945-48.  Pte. J. Parnell  R.E.M.E.
 Recipient served with 3rd Infantry workshop unit, 6th Airborne Division in Palestine 1946-47.  Sold with
  photograph album covering service, and two large Airborne Forces Golden Jubilee Medallions 1940-1990,  -  one
  gilt and one heavy white metal.  Medals mounted for display together with bakelite R.E.M.E. badge.  Also
  included in an Airborne Forces tie-pin. (NEF)  £245

1167.  Group of Two
  G.S.M.  1 Bar Palestine 1945-48.  Sigmn. C. Rushbrook.  R. Signals.
  L.S.G.C. “Regular Army”  Eliz. 11  2nd type.  W.O. Cl. 11  C.A. Rushbrook  R. Signals.  (NEF)  £135

1168.  Group of Two
  G.S.M.  1 Bar Canal Zone  Capt. C.A. Priestley.  R.A.S.C.
  C.S.M.  1 Bar Borneo.  Major C.A. Priestley.  R.A.S.C. (EF)  £485

1180.  Group of Two
  Queens Korea.  1st type.  Fus. E. Watson.  R. Northd. Fus.  U.N. Korea.
 Recipient was wounded on 20-1-1951.  (EF)  £560

1183.  Group of Two
  Queens Korea - Canadian issue.  J.A.F. Arsenault.
  U.N. Korea - Coree.  J.A.F. Arsenault.  (NEF)  £250 PHOTOS

1198.  Group of Two
  N.G.S.  1 Bar Cyprus.  M.D. Toomey.  S.B.A.  R.N.
  R.N.  LSGC  Eliz. 11  2nd type.  M.D. Toomey.  L/S.B.A.  HMS Striker. Mounted as worn. (NEF)  £275

1199.  Group of Two
  N.G.S.  1 Bar Near East.  A.F. Shiner.  R.E.M.I.  R.N.
  C.S.M.  1 Bar Malay Peninsular.  A.F. Shiner.  R. El. Mech. 2.  R.N.  Mounted as worn.  (NEF)  £195

1200.  Group of Two
  N.G.S.  1 Bar Cyprus.  M.P. Judd.  Mne.  R.M.
  C.S.M.  1 Bar Borneo.  M.P. Judd.  Cpl.  R.M.  (NEF)  £350

1205.  Group of Two
  C.S.M.  1 Bar Malay Peninsular.  Cpl. W.J. Cheesman.  R. Signals.
  U.N. Medal for Cyprus. Mounted as worn. (NEF)  £115

1207.  Group of Two
  C.S.M.  1 Bar N. Ireland.  Fus. P. Rossini.  R.H.F.
  U.N. Medal - Bosnia.  Mounted as worn.  (NEF)  £110

1222.  Group of Two
  Iraq Medal  (Op Telic) - Bar 19 Mar to 28 April 2003.  Cfn. S. McCafferty.  R.E.M.E.
  N.A.T.O. Service - Non Article 5.  Mounted as worn. (NEF)  £295

1228.  Group of Two
  L.S.G.C.  Edw. V11.  C.S. Mjr.  W.J. Warren.  R.G.A.
  M.S.M.  Geo. V1.  1st type.  W.O. Cl. 2.  W.J. Warren.  R.A. (NEF)  £305

1239.  Group of Two
  1914-15 Star.  Victory Medal.  Pte. N. McLinden  K.O. Sco. Bordrs. Memorial Plaque.  Nathaniel McLinden.
  Recipient was K.I.A., with 1st Bn., in Gallipoli on 11-8-1915 and is commemorated on the Helles Memorial.
 Sold with copy M.I.C. (EF)  £135

1240.  Group of Three
  1914-15 Trio.  Pte. A. Hayden.  Scots Guards. Memorial Plaque.  Alexander Hayden.
  Recipient was K.I.A., on 12-6-1915, serving with the 1st Bn., and is buried in Vielle-Chapelle new Military
  Cemetery, Lacouture.  Sold with copy M.I.C. (NEF)  £355

1241.  Group of Three
  1914-15 Trio.  Lieut. G.A.M. Anthony.  The Queen’s R.
 Recipient was K.I.A., on 24-1-1916, serving with 9th Bn. Attached to Nigeria Regt., W.A.F.F., and is
  commemorated on the Ibadan Memorial, West Africa.  Sold with copy M.I.C.  (NEF)  £695

1243.  Group of Two
  1914 Star. B.W.M.  Pte. H.B. Marshallsea.  2/R. Berkshire R.
 Recipient was K.I.A.., aged 26 on 28-9-1915 during the Battle of Loos and is commemorated on the Loos
  Memorial.  He resided in Camberley.  (NEF)  £210

1244.  Group of Three
  1914 Star Trio.  Pte. W.H. Brain.  1/N. Staffs.
  Recipient was K.I.A., on 27-4-1916 and is buried in Dranoutre Military Cemetery.
 Sold with copy M.I.C., which lists entitlement to Aug-Nov clasp.  (NEF)  £385

1245.  Group of Three
  1914 Star Trio. Lieut. R.A.R. Bayard. E. Kent R. (2/Lieut on Star)  Memorial Plaque Reginald Aubrey Richard Bayard.
 Recipient was K.I.A., with 1st Bn., on 17-5-1916 and is buried in Essex Farm Cemetery, Belgium.  He was
  the son of Brigadier General R. Bayard D.S.O.  Sold with copy of M.I.C. which shows entitlement to Aug-Nov
  clasp, and war office medal forwarding letter. (EF)  £1215

1247.  Group of Two
  B.W.M. and Victory.  Pte. R.H. Cotterill.  M.G.C. Memorial Plaque Reginald Harold Cotterill.
 Recipient D.O.W. aged 22, with 13th Coy M.G.C. (Infantry) on 5-10-1917, and is buried in Godewaersvelde
  British Cemetery. Sold with a copy of the cemetery register of graves and a photograph of Pte. Cotterill’s
  headstone, and damaged medal forwarding box.  (NEF)  £255

1339.  1914 Star and Bar Trio.   Pte. R.W. Mackie.  1/Gordon Highrs.   Original Bar.   Mounted as worn.(NEF) £225

1344.  1914 Star Trio.  Pte. S. Fuller.  Rifle Bde.  Sold with M.I.C. which shows landing in France on 10-9-1914.  (GVF)  £195

1357.  1914-15 Trio.  Pte. D. Livingston.  3-Scottish Horse. (NEF)  £165

1358.  1914-15 Trio.  Cpl. A.E. Pratt.  M.F.P. (L/Cpl on Star)  (NEF)  £105

1362.  1914-15 Trio.  Dvr. E. Crocker.  R.F.A.  -  R.A.  (NEF)  £65

1364.  1914-15 Trio.  W.B. Thompson.  A.B.  R.N.V.R.  Sold with S.W.B. No. RN 2829, and “dog tag” which records Hawke Bn.  R.N.D. (NEF)  £150
1366.  1914-15 Trio.  Lieut. J. Mason.  R.N.R.  (GVF)  £145

1389.  B.W.M. & Victory.  2 A.M.  H.W. Selwyn.  R.F.C. Mounted for display.  (NEF)  £120

1390.  B.W.M. & Victory.  (Bi-Lingual reverse)  Pte. W.J. Mathee  2nd Infantry. (GVF)  £78
1391.  B.W.M. & Victory.  (Bi-Lingual reverse)  Pte. E.M. Blount.  1st C.C.  (GVF)  £75

Miniature Medals
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World Medals

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Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria,  CzechoslovakiaEthiopia,  Finland,   FranceGermany Greece,
India (Post1947)
, Ireland,  ItalyJapan,  Luxembourg, NetherlandsPolandRomaniaSerbiaSingapore,  SpainSyriaThailand,
 U.S.S.R., U.S.A., Yugoslavia  (Kingdom),  Yugoslavia  (Republic of) plus others.... Click here

  Bahawalpur  (Indian Princely State)
1503.  Victory Star 1939-45.  Number 756  (NEF)  £25
1504.  Union with Pakistan Medal 3-10-1947.  (NEF)  £25

1534.  Two.  Medal for overseas service.
 U.N. Medal - Mission in Haiti.  (U.N.M.I.H.) Mounted as worn.  (NEF)  £48

Various other Medals
Tribute, Peace, Sports, and Temperance Medals and Medallions.
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1443.  Cameronians.  Silver Medal for service to the Cameronians Scottish Rifles 1689-1968.  Edge impressed “In Memory
  of 2nd Lieut. M.G. Fraser.  Died 1-7-16.  Lt. Fraser was K.I.A., aged 20, with the 2nd Bn., and is commemorate
  on the Thiepval Memorial.  (1st Day of the Somme casualty) (NEF)  £175

1446.  R.M.S. Lusitania.  “The Sinking of the Lusitania” medal in its original fitted box of issue.  (NEF)  £30

1447.  Army Temperance Assn. - India. Silver 1 year Medal  (S.T.A. 1.)  (NEF)  £20

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1430.  S.E. Asia 1945-46  -  Clasp only. (NEF)  £12

1431.  I.G.S. 1854.  1 Bar Burma 1885-7.  Pte. A. McKay.  2. R. Scots Fus. -  Renamed  -  Sold with copy papers.  (NEF)  £90

1433.  Q.S.A.  4 Bars Talana/Def. Of L’Smith/OFS/SA’02.  Pte. J. Carley.  K.R.R.C.  -  Renamed.  Sold with copy
  papers which show entitlement to Def. Of L’Smith and O.F.S. Bars, and confirm service in W.W.1. (VF)  £145

1435.  Egypt 1882.  No Bar.  Pte. John Gillanders.  32nd Coy R.M.L.I. - renamed.  Sold with Khedives Star 1882 named
  as above.  Egypt Medal pitted - (NVF)  Star (GVF)  £150 PHOTOS

1437.  G.S.M.  1 Bar Malaya  Geo. V1.  Pte. Lazaro Naluso  K.A.R.  Naming faint but readable. (NVF)  £40

1438.  I.G.S. 1854.  1 Bar Northwest Frontier.  Details neatly erased. (NEF)  £150 PHOTOS

1439.  Distinguished Conduct Medal  (D.C.M.)  Geo. V.  Tailors copy.  Silver (NEF)  £120

1440.  Colonial Prison Service Long Service.  Eliz. 11.  Ch. Warder Mohd Lancy Bin Kaman.  Fed. Of Malaya  -
  Officially renamed.  (NEF)  £350

1441.  I.G.S. 1895  1 Bar Punjab Fr.  L/Sgt. David Smee.  2nd Bn. R. Inniskilling Fus.  Skillfully renamed.  (VF)  £120

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Mint = In as new condition as issued by the Mint.
EF = Extremely Fine, in an almost unworn condition.
NEF = Nearly Extremely Fine.
GVF = Good Very Fine.
VF = Very Fine, slight wear on the high points of the design, surface marks from contact.
NVF = Nearly Very Fine.
GF = Good Fine.
F  = Fine, slight wear overall, surface marks and perhaps edge knocks.

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